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Make an Impact

Get involved in your community
Find and explore causes and organizations in your area. When you find an opportunity you want to help with, register and communicate with the organizers. Track your hours or impacts and let us help you either verify or manage them.


Manage your Community

Bring people together to make a difference
Manage your group and start listing events and opportunities in one single database. We enable you to manage memberships, registrations, communicate, collect data, hours, reviews, ratings and feedback and make sense of it all.


Track, Share and Measure Impacts

Make an impact collectively
Coordinate with multiple stakeholders to track and share your impacts. The more friends, individuals and groups you have working together, the bigger collective impact you and your partners will make to moving the needle.

Make an Impact

GivePulse is a community of volunteers, professionals, civic leaders and service-learning students. We pride ourselves in making exploration, reflection, and collaboration become catalysts for social impact. GivePulse enables you to capture how you make an impact in the community.

  • Search for local events, groups and causes you care most about
    Register for events and use your dashboard to manage and review your experiences in one place.
  • See and verify your work is having in the community
    Get insights, statistics and an analysis of your contributions to the society. Let us help you verify your hours and impacts in to one place.
  • Review, reflect, and share your experience
    Leverage GivePulse to be your journal and central place to manage your reflections, hours and impact.

Read more about using GivePulse to get involved

Manage your Community

GivePulse enables coordinators and administrators to manage memberships, hierarchies, events, relationships and outputs for the community. Whether you are a non-profit, university, company, manager or group coordinator, list your opportunities here to attract volunteers and get your hands on the platform to manage them.

  • Manage, organize and schedule all types of events for your community
    Open a portal where you can oversee, manage and track the success of events overseen by you or your partners. Most importantly, have one single database to logistically coordinate and manage your community.
  • Custom fields, inputs, surveys & forms
    Customize what is asked when people join, ask pre & post questionaires, formalize assessments and have one place to collect and understand it all.
  • Relationship management database
    Run reports on specific initiatives, label specific groups or users, manage and have access to all data. Simplify your recruitment and database efforts by consolidating it into one place.

Read more about managing your community with GivePulse

Track, Share and Measure Impacts

We help cities, anchor institutions, nonprofits and organizations of all sizes come together to move the needle by capturing impacts (from simple outputs like hours to more complex schemas and data) to achieve outcomes and gain insights.

  • Engaged Scholarship & Research
    We partner with higher ed institutions to better understand the impact of volunteerism and service in the community. Many of these partnerships involve collaborating with and integrating GivePulse into various databases to enable researchers and administrators to explore how service impacts student learning and its community footprint.
  • Reflect on your experiences and continue a dialogue about your impact
    We put a strong emphasis in pre and post reflection. In most instances, this can just be general user feedback to help improve experiences and gauge individual growth.

Read more about data assessment with GivePulse

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Our clients include universities, non-profits, social-groups, businesses, festivals and much more...

Bring people together to make a difference

It takes one person to build a movement that can change the world. Our mission is to enable everyone in the world to participate and engage in lifting their community to new heights. We do so by providing a platform to list, find, organize and measure the impact of service-learning, community engagement, philanthropy and volunteerism in the community.

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