Event Submissions

Allow people to submit events, projects or ideas for your approval. By turning on Event Submissions, you can collaborate with many different stakeholders by allowing them to submit their projects and events and can manage it all in one central location. Great for getting suggestions from your community on events and projects they would like to see.

  • Public or Private Submissions
    You will have the option of adding a public button on your group's page for users to submit. You can also send out a private link only those with access can enter into. We also allow organizers to set a date range of when to accept submissions.
  • Customizable Dates
    Allow submissions for any date, or select a specific date.
  • Review, Edit and Approval
    When an event or project is submitted, the administrator(s) will get a notification to review and decide to publish.
  • Configure Fields and Inputs
    Configure what fields and data you want submitters to include along with their submission
  • Update or Assign Roles
    Review, update, and assign roles or new administrators who should be the main point of contact or admin.

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