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Widgets are used as a way to embed and display all types of content from GivePulse to one or many of your websites. With GivePulse widgets, you are able to configure and change the look and feel of the content and how it looks to the end user on your website.

  • Create templates of widgets
    • You can create one or many different templates to be reused on one or multiple websites.
    • Have full control to configure the look and feel of each template.
  • Configure the look and feel
    • Determine what columns to display on a list view.
    • Determine if you want to order events by the event name, location or if you want to.
    • Default the widget view to be a calendar, list or even on a map.
  • Display different types of content
    • Choose the display mode to show subgroups, affiliates or events.
    • Hand pick any event, be it private or public to be displayed on the widget.

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