GivePulse – Brand Design Guidelines, Conventions & Standards

A brand that brings joy.

The new GivePulse branding helps us to better communicate who we truly are. As a hero archetype, we aim to leave a mark on our world. We do this through joy, connection, and impact. Our new logo mark embodies all that is joy and giving; with a ribbon that loops into the shape of an open armed, joyful volunteer. Our typography is warm and friendly, and we have a color palette that feels like sunshine on a summer day.


More than a platform.

GivePulse aims to show that the volunteer is the true hero. We’ve created a place where they can gather, communicate, and feel the joy as they bring positive changes to the causes they care about most. Our joyful brand encourages users to actively seek the change they hope to create in this world.


Giving Starts

We created a consistent brand language by utilizing graphics created from our brand logo. These particular icons depict a ‘Giving Here’ symbol, to denote places of giving, and a ‘Give Infinitely’ symbol, to depict our constant efforts to give back and improve upon what is surrounds us.

Our brand elements make room for creativity and expression, within our core beliefs.


G + P Ribbons

Our iconic ribbon broken into halves create the ‘g’ and ‘p’ relating back to GivePulse. These elements can be used within pattern or decoration, when utilized within best design practices.


Bring Joy

These final icons create sunshine and a joyful smile. These icons will likely be the most utilized of the brand elements. The smile can be used to create faces, when combined with the other elements, or used alone to create patterns. The sunshine works great as a stamp, on it’s own, or when combined into patterns. Be creative with their joyful representations.

Combining elements can create a more compelling message.


The Primary Mark

Our new logo embraces all of our causes with a warm blue ribbon, looped into the shape of a joyful volunteer. The volunteers arms appear outstretched, and ready to give.

The primary logo carries the ribbon atop our name, GivePulse, which is depicted using the typeface Dunbar Tall Bold. We utilize this version of the logo, whenever the spacing is possible.

The Secondary Mark

When vertical space is lacking, we utilize this secondary logo mark. In this variation, we see that our ribbon mark is placed to the left of our name.

You’ll notice the above example appears in white. Our logo can only be shown in either Thriving Blue or White. On light backgrounds, utilize blue; on dark backgrounds, use white. We do not use other brand colors for the logo mark. This is because only our blue should be associated with the name of our brand, and our mission.


One Color Mark

There will be times when the gradient in our mark is too difficult to reproduce. Those moments are when we use a one color ribbon. Some examples of these uses are when printing apparel and other merchandise, for embroidery, or when the logo appears very small.


Clear Space

Clearspace is needed to define proper visual impact for the logo. Avoid placing any graphics, patterns, or other elements within the logo’s clearspace. To determine the minimum amount of clearspace needed, find the x-height of the ‘G’ in ‘Give’, and use that to create the barrier around the mark.


GivePulse Heroes

GivePulse aims to show that the volunteer is the true hero. We’ve created a place where they can gather, communicate, and feel the joy, as they bring positive changes to causes they care about most. Our brand encourages users to actively seek the change they hope to create in this world.

Dunbar and Halcom, our type family

Using the appropriate type families helps to keep consistency across the brand, and to maintain the joyful and giving experience for everyone. Our large headlines will always appear in Dunbar Tall Bold. Sub headlines, and smaller headings will be in Dunbar Text Bold. Body copy is created with Halcom Regular.

Typesetting Conventions

Our primary colors are Thriving Blue and Wellness Lagoon

  • HEX #056CF2
    RGB 5, 108, 242
    CMYK 81, 59, 0, 0
    PMS 285 C

  • HEX #090444
    RGB 9, 4, 68
    CMYK 100, 99, 31, 52
    PMS 281 C

The bold use of Thriving Blue will communicate our brand, and make us memorable. Wellness Lagoon is to be used as a contrast to Thriving Blue. Touches of Wellness Lagoon will allow Thriving Blue to stand out.

We also carry a rainbow assortment of secondary colors, that should be used to bring splashes of cheer. Not utilized as liberally as our primary colors, but just enough to add liveliness to creative materials.

  • HEX #43B1F4
    RGB 67, 177, 244
    CMYK 62, 16, 0, 0
    PMS 298 C

  • HEX #2DD997
    RGB 45, 217, 151
    CMYK 64, 0, 58, 0
    PMS 2412 C

  • HEX #FFDE50
    RGB 255, 222, 80
    CMYK 1, 10, 80, 0
    PMS 114 C

  • HEX #FF9F3A
    RGB 255, 159, 158
    CMYK 0, 45, 85, 0
    PMS 1375 C

  • HEX #DC374C
    RGB 220, 55, 76
    CMYK 8, 93, 68, 1
    PMS Red 032 C

For basic functions, such as text, we also can utilize a functional palette.

  • HEX #222222
    RGB 34, 34, 34
    CMYK 72, 66, 64, 72
    PMS Black 3 C

  • HEX #585858
    RGB 88, 88, 88
    CMYK 63, 55, 54, 29
    PMS 7540 C

  • HEX #878787
    RGB 135, 135, 135
    CMYK 49, 41, 41, 5
    PMS 2332 C

Our Tagline

Give Joy. Give Together. Give More.

This is our tagline. The below image is our primary logo lock up featuring the tag. The tagline can also appear as one line of copy, below our standard logos. You can also utilize the tagline in graphic creations, such as the smile example demonstrated above.

All the assets

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