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The Civic Engagement Platform

Make It Easy to Manage Your Civic Engagement Portal

List & Manage Opportunities

Create public or private events and opportunities to engage in the community. They may be one day, multiple days, recurring, random or open ended dates

Assessment with Custom Fields

Create surveys and opportunities to reflect on the experience. Every reflection is an opportunity to learn more about how each person was impacted by the experience

Verify Impact & Attendance

Easy to manage memberships, hours, impacts and attendance to determine progress toward the growth of the mission

Relationship Management Database

Manage all the interactions and data of your members so you may have one central place to amplify the advocacy

Hierarchy and Grouping

As your community grows, organize your network into smaller groups to better communicate and manage them while making them focus on specific objectives and goals

Manage Registrations and Invites

Organizers can accept, decline, reassign, and check in attendees. Most importantly grow your community of supporters

We Provide Civic Engagement Platform for


Individuals who are passionate about your cause and mission. They may have been invited by you or they may have found you through GivePulse


Some individuals are with social groups, associations, fraternities, sororities, and businesses who may be important to elevating your mission

Community Partners & Agencies

Non-profits and other community agencies are able to use our volunteer database and management platform to collaborate with you on joint ventures and promotions