Night To Shine

Friday, February 8th, 2019 from 2:00pm to 11:00pm


Night to Shine is a prom for people with Disabilities. Student volunteers will be staffing the event in a variety of ways.
Registration Closed
Registration Closes
Any time before each shift ends or when space runs out.
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Shifts (12)

1 - 12 of 12 Shifts
ShiftStart TimeEnd TimeRegistrants Needed
Bussers (Dining Room)2:00pm (ET)11:00pm (ET)1/5Over
Set up2:00pm (ET)6:00pm (ET)2/5Over
Parking Directors5:00pm (ET)7:00pm (ET)0/3Over
Security 15:00pm (ET)7:30pm (ET)0/2Over
Buddy5:30pm (ET)9:00pm (ET)1/15Over
Parent Room Server 16:00pm (ET)7:30pm (ET)0/5Over
Photography/Videography6:00pm (ET)9:00pm (ET)0/3Over
Sensory Room 16:00pm (ET)7:30pm (ET)0/2Over
Parent Room Server 27:30pm (ET)9:00pm (ET)0/5Over
Security 27:30pm (ET)10:00pm (ET)0/2Over
Sensory Room 27:30pm (ET)9:00pm (ET)0/2Over
Clean up9:00pm (ET)11:00pm (ET)1/5Over