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thinkEAST - Info Booth and Merch

Thursday, April 9th, 2015


PositionsMany Remaining
Close DateAny time before the event ends or when space runs out.
As part of an 18-month community engagement and creative planning process focused on the development of thinkEAST, Fusebox will host a living charrette during the festival on this 24-acre site in East Austin.

At the thinkEAST site, temporary structures will house performances, installations, workshops, classes, food events, and youth programs. Most importantly, we will gather input and ideas from the neighborhood and the arts community to help shape the future of thinkEAST. Over the course of four days, together we will explore and prototype strategies for creating a place rich in inspiration and innovation.

Think of a living charrette as a large, vibrant, public living room—a place to connect, test ideas, ask questions, break bread, and create together. In this particular case, with your help, we're exploring how to animate a dynamic mixture of tenants and businesses on site. What magic combination of non-profit and for-profit businesses, services, retail, and artist studios/performance spaces will spark each other in meaningful ways? AND how do we accomplish all this while also positively impacting the surrounding neighborhoods?

This entire process is guided by thorough research and investigation pertaining to affordability, sustainability, health, creative work space, culture, technology, history, and shared public space, among other things. To this end, we are working with Ecology Action to implement a zero-waste plan for the entire four-day event.

This is the largest, most ambitious project Fusebox has taken on in its 11 year history. It's a process that will succeed based on the breadth and depth of engagement from local artists, residents, and community members. We invite you to join us in imagining.
Parking DetailsThere is a large parking area across the street from the event site. Please look for signs.
CausesArts & Culture Community
4 Positions Filled | 1 Impact | 2 Hours

Location: 1075 Jain Lane, Austin, TX 78721

Shifts (2)

Info Booth and Merch VendingThu, Apr 09 5:00pmThu, Apr 09 7:45pmAre you a people person? Take a few shifts selling Fusebox goodies in our Merch Booth during the event.
Info Booth and Merch VendingThu, Apr 09 7:30pmThu, Apr 09 10:00pmAre you a people person? Take a few shifts selling Fusebox goodies in our Merch Booth during the event2/2Over