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Friends of the Trail - Scioto Run Nature Trail - THE GREAT SAPLING PLANTING

Sunday, April 14th to Wednesday, April 17th, 2019


Come help us plant saplings in the Scioto Run Nature Trail!

This is very important to do, because ever since April, 2018, our volunteer team "Friends of the Trail", in cooperation with the Hilliard Recreation and Parks, has been systematically removing a terribly invasive species, the HONEYSUCKLE bush, from this beautiful woodland in our suburb.  We call the project, IBG: Invasives - BE GONE!  Since April, about 20 volunteers have helped out, and we've logged over 460 hours up through January 2019.  We've already made visible progress through this 11.5 acre park.  We are all so thrilled to see NATURE come back to the nature trail!  It's been really fun to work in the woods; every section is a little different, and we just love the park.  You are welcome to help anytime; we work EVERY week to clear the honeysuckle.  Give me a call for details on our schedule.

BUT... This post is about a SPECIAL project for ARBOR WEEK... We need YOUR HELP!

Some of the areas were SO INFESTED with Honeysuckle bush, that after we cleared it out, there was not much left but a couple old trees.  We would LOVE to have your help to plant some NATURAL NATIVE species of trees in these most-desolate sections where we've worked so that we can give nature a jump-start at recovering from this infestation. 

All you have to do is COME, dress appropriately for the weather, wear long pants and long sleeves, wear garden gloves, and bring a hand-shovel or long-shovel.  If you don't have gloves or a shovel, let me know; we will borrow stuff for you if we know to do so in advance.

Thanks for coming, and give me a call if you have any questions!  I'm Cathy, at 614-506-8139. 
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Location: 3679 Scioto Run Blvd, Hilliard, OH 43026