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KAF volunteer orientation

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm


Positions0 Remaining
Join members of the Keep Austin Fed leadership team at Texas School for the Deaf to learn how we operate. Topics will include safe food handling, signing up for volunteer opportunities, and communications.

Water & snacks will be provided.

If you wish to have a copy of the volunteer handbook, please print a copy in advance

You must have earned a food handler certificate before attending orientation – it costs $17 for 2 years ($5 training, $12 City of Austin registration). Please e-mail a copy of your certificate to so we can keep it on file.

6:30 meet and greet
6:45 orientation with Q&A
7:30 Give Pulse training
8:00 conclude
Parking DetailsAfter 5:30pm weekdays, and on weekends, you'll access the Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) campus via the Elizabeth Street employee entrance. (The school's main entrance, off of Congress Avenue will be closed on Sunday). Texas School for the Deaf campus map

The guard there at the Elizabeth Gate will be informed and expecting our group. They may stop you, or just wave you through. Or, if no one is there on duty, you may need to press the call button, and wait for someone to respond through the intercom. Just announce that you are a Keep Austin Fed volunteer headed to orientation at the ERCOD building. They will permit access (i.e. raise the gate arm) remotely.

Look for KAF signs pointing you to the ERCOD building.

Once inside the TSD campus, at the stop sign, turn left, and drive all the way past the sports fields to the other (south) side of campus to the ERCOD building - the Educational Resource Center on Deafness. It's one of two brick "homes" you'll see, side-by-side, just inside the Congress Ave. gate.

ERCOD is the house closest to that main Congress gate. If you have any trouble finding it, please contact Keena at 512-658-4444.
3 Positions Filled | 4 Impacts | 5 Hours

Location: enter Texas School for the Deaf via Elizabeth Street, 1102 South Congress Avenue, ERCOD Conference Room, Austin, TX 78704