Help get BFK to 2019 Distributions!

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019 from 9:30am to 11:30am (ET)


***This Volunteer shift will take place at our Books for Keeps Warehouse***

We're in the Books for Keeps warehouse prepping for the 2019 Distribution Season that's taking place through April and May! It takes a lot of hands help package enough books to go out to almost 8,000 students, and we'd love to serve alongside you! 

A Books for Keeps staff member will provide a quick orientation for everybody right around 9:35 A.M. as everyone gets situated. 

What can you expect from this shift?

- You'll get first look at all the books we've hand selected to go out to the students we serve in 18 elementary schools across Georgia. 
- We'll be packaging boxes filled with specific books from genres and grade levels.
- Moving boxes from one work space to another for those capable of doing so.
- Unpacking grade specific boxes to be organized for packaging. 
- A real good time spent alongside other like-minded, book-loving individuals. 

Details to remember before showing up onsite!
  • Be sure to wear weather appropriate clothing as our warehouse is not air conditioned!
  • We do have water bottles for volunteers but we still encourage folks to bring their own as well!
  • Please be sure to wear closed toed shoes to your shift!
  • Be ready to have fun! :D
The following info is for finding our warehouse:

We are located at 420 Athena Drive, near Athens Tech and Southern Brewing Company. Please follow the directions below. There is no signage at the road, so it is easy to pass right by it!
  • If you're coming from Hull Road/Hwy 29, you'll go over a set of railroad tracks. Our building is the third driveway on the right after the railroad tracks.
  • Look for the building with the doorway that has a blue awning facing the road.
  • When you pull into the parking lot, drive all of the way to the far side - you'll see a door with the Books for Keeps logo, next to a loading dock.
  • Try to fill in the parking spots closest to the big recycling bin first if possible. 
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