PSU Earth Day of Service: Bridging the Gap Between Our Environment & Human Life

Saturday, April 20th, 2019 from 7:45am to 2:30pm


Future generations cannot live quality of life without recognizing their place as part of the natural world and caring for the Earth that sustains us. Bridging the gaps between environment and human life depends on addressing the critical needs of poverty, homelessness, inequality and food and water security. These are complex issues that need diverse perspectives.

In honor of this year's Earth Day, come out and explore the connection between environment, social justice, and how to tangibly address the great needs of our people and planet leading to collective healing. Join us for a day of community connection, service, reflection, food and wisdom.

The day will begin with a kick-off and light refreshments at PSU before each group takes off for their designated service project (on campus and off-campus options). We will reconvene at PSU for lunch (provided) and to reflect on the day. 

*Sign up for the specific service project you would like to join for this Earth Day event!

Participating Volunteer Projects:

  • Broughton Beach - Off-Campus. Exploring marine debris' impact on our waterways 

  • Kelly Point Park - Off-Campus. Park clean up and beautification

  • Student Sustainability Center - On-Campus. Orchard clean-up & beautification project and exploration of how to make plastics sustainable

  • Trash for Peace - On-Campus. Repurpose recycled materials and prep them for future kids' craft projects

PSU's Earth Day of Service is coordinated by the Student Community Engagement Center, a
 hub for student civic engagement at Portland State University. Please contact us at if you have any questions.
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Broughton Beach Project8:30am (PT)1:30pm (PT) Join us for an Earth Day of Service project at Broughton Beach! After a kick-off at PSU, travel with your project group to Broughton Beach, along the Columbia River in NE Portland to explore marine debris' impact on our waterways. Service project will include a general clean-up of the area....17/17Over
Kelley Point Park Project8:30am (PT)1:30pm (PT) Join us for an Earth Day of Service project at Kelley Point Park! After a kick-off at PSU, travel with your project group to Kelley Point Park, at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers, to help clean up the park and beautify the area. Please dress for the...13/15Over
PSU Orchard Project8:30am (PT)1:30pm (PT) Join the Student Sustainability Center for an Earth Day of Service project at the PSU Orchard! After a kick-off at PSU, walk with your group up to the PSU Orchard to help spruce up and beautify the garden, weed, plant, and explore how to make plastics sustainable. Please dress for...18/18Over
Trash for Peace Craft Prep8:30am (PT)1:30pm (PT) Join us for an Earth Day of Service project in support of Trash for Peace! After a kick-off at PSU, stick around Smith Memorial Student Union to help prep recycled materials for craft projects to be used as part of Trash for Peace's sustainability curriculum. Trash for Peace engaged youth...6/25Over