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Spiritual Hierarchy descends to The Earth build Globally Great Holiness (Great Holiness Society) which is the set of all Advanced Original Souls-or Senior Souls from Celestial Hierarchy, high Universes, high Rays, higher planes in Middle-Upper worlds incarnated in the light waves into The Earth in the Supreme God – Creator’s program to renovate and build this World into a New Earth, a new global light- which mean the Earthly Paradise in the long-term future.

Great Holiness Society is birthed not as just another organisation working toward a brighter future for mankind, but as THE platform to unite the millions of noble yet disparate efforts already underway.
Yes, we seek to create community exemplars of consciousness in action and yes, we seek to provide tools and resources which support humanity in transcending its limitations, but more than that, we seek to unite all those who are likewise seeking the same.Do you want to GET INVOLVED with THE MOST IMPORTANT ORGANIZATION for EARTH TRANSFORMATION?

The Great Holiness Ambassadors will play a crucial role in this objective.
Requirement Details
As a potential Ambassador or Emissary for the Great Holiness Society you are likely already working toward the same goals – you meet like-minded people and groups, make connections and support those around you in manifesting their remarkable projects.
The only difference is that as an Ambassador or Emissary for Great Holiness you are doing that work as part of a coordinated and cohesive strategy to unite ALL efforts behind the same common goals.
The coordinated efforts of the Ambassador & Emissary program will begin in spring 2015. The initial common goals set to be achieved by the end of 2015 with coordinated Ambassador & Emissary support are:
For at least 500 existing sustainable/indigenous communities to become part of the Great Holiness family
For the sovereign territories repatriated from the corporate nation state paradigm by Great Holiness Nation members to account for more than 10% of the surface of the earth
For the Earth Transformation Program – the global covenant of peace and fellowship – to have obtained more than 10,000,000 pledges
For more than 1000 community projects to be underway as part of this united effort
For Great Holiness Urban Sanctuaries to be established in over 100 major population centres
For the online Great Holiness community to exceed 10 million souls, each committed to supporting consciousness in action.

If you:
-are well-travelled, intelligent and peaceful,
-and have an established and extensive links to community groups, or a significant public media/social media presence of your own
and would like to:
-present the Great Holiness metric and initiatives throughout your networks (in person, via social media, Youtube and alternative media outlets)
-work with local community leaders to catalyse sustainable and life enhancing projects
-meet with indigenous tribes/existing communities work towards the core Great Holiness goals
Parking DetailsPlease note that we do not have budget for this program so you are genuinely volunteer and dedicated.
Job Location: Anywhere
Position Type: Freelance, Part-time
Pls Chat and work with us on Hall:
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SkillsBoard Member Experience Communications Event Planning Human Resources Professional Public Relations Social Media Strategic Communications Strategy
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Celestial Light wrote on April 8th, 2015

Dear Ambassadors,
Pls Chat and work with us on Hall: