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Trash to Treasure BIG Sale

Friday, May 1st, 2015


Positions0 Remaining
Close Date6 hours before the event starts or when space runs out.
Shared WithThe University of Texas at Austin
Age Limit16 and up
Volunteer at the Trash to Treasure BIG Sale on Friday, May 1st! Everything is on sale for a DOLLAR! You never know what treasures you may find!

Trash to Treasure is a goods recycling program run by the Campus Environmental Center. Each year we collect students' unwanted belongings as they move out of residence halls in May, store them over the summer, and sell them back to students throughout the school year. 

Trash to Treasure provides three-fold benefits:

  • Thousands of pounds of goods are diverted from the waste stream,

  • Students can buy cool, cheap goods for their residences, and

  • The money raised supports campus environmental programs, like recycling, litter reduction, and energy conservation.

All items not sold are donated to a local charity.

Questions or comments? Email
1 hour volunteer shifts beginning at 8:00am (setup) through 3:00pm (breakdown). You're welcome to sign up for multiple shifts. Please email for more information.
CausesCommunity Environment
28 Positions Filled | 11 Impacts | 25 Hours

Location: Gregory Plaza, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX 78712

Shifts (7)

Shift 1 - SetupFri, May 01, 8:00AMFri, May 01, 9:00AM3/6Over
Shift 2Fri, May 01, 9:00AMFri, May 01, 10:00AM4/5Over
Shift 3Fri, May 01, 10:00AMFri, May 01, 11:00AM5/5Over
Shift 4Fri, May 01, 11:00AMFri, May 01, 12:00PM5/5Over
Shift 5Fri, May 01, 12:00PMFri, May 01, 1:00PM4/5Over
Shift 6Fri, May 01, 1:00PMFri, May 01, 2:00PM3/5Over
Shift 7 - BreakdownFri, May 01, 2:00PMFri, May 01, 3:00PM4/5Over