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Summer OCFWS Volunteer Management Intern

Saturday, June 1st from 12:00pm to Saturday, August 31st, 2019 4:00pm (ET)


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In collaboration with Refugee Dream Center staff, this volunteer will:

  • Expand existing inventory of volunteers

  • Build and categorize these volunteers into areas they are most likely needed

  • Build a robust communication process with these volunteers

  • Organize regular meetings and training sessions for these volunteers to help them acquainted with the specific tasks they are needed for

  • Maintain regular check-in with volunteers

  • Develop a reporting process of work done by volunteers, and arrange this information in a manner that could be useful for future training purposes, data analysis, and marketing

  • Leading a process of volunteer engagement in community events, donation drives, and fundraising activities

  • Building strong relationship with such volunteers to ensure their hidden skills and support potentials are tapped

  • Ensure every email or calls received by someone seeking to volunteer is responded to, and thorough and satisfactory follow-ups are done

  • Build an effective process of harnessing volunteers during events by using sign up sheets for such purpose, and interpersonal interactions

  • Engage volunteers as ambassadors of the mission of the organization by ensuring that they are both regularly involved in organizational activities, and contacted with regular updates from the organization

Paid, Not For Credit
Payment and credit must be negotiated between the student and their institution
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Location: 340 Lockwood Avenue, Providence, RI 02907