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Summer OCFWS Social Media Intern

Monday, July 1st from 12:00pm to Saturday, August 31st, 2019 4:00pm (ET)


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In collaboration with Refugee Dream Center staff, this intern will:

  • Manage social media pages for the Refugee Dream Center including our website, Twitter account, Youtube, and Facebook page, Instagram

  • Build an active and robust process of aggressively engaging supporters and followers on social media

  • Ensure there are active and real-time updates on social media during events at the organization

  • Cover classes, and capture occasional case management sessions to ensure that blurbs, photos and videos are shared in social media

  • Share appropriate current affairs articles or media files regarding refugees

  • Share organizational data, fliers and information on social media and website

  • Share uptodate national and global level data and information regarding refugees

  • Occasionally interview staff and clients for short blurbs on website and social media

  • Attend events and speeches by the Executive Director (ED) to both record, share in real time, and update his activities on social media

  • Help promote organizational engagements such as rallies, drives, and generally advocacy related activities on social media

  • Coordinate the weekly Urgent Dialogue short video blurb with the ED to ensure it is recorded and uploaded  

  • Help increase follows and likes on social media

  • Payment and credit must be negotiated between the student and their institution

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Location: 340 Lockwood Avenue, Providence, RI 02907