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Reading is Fundamental - Pecan Springs Elementary

Monday, May 18th to Friday, May 22nd, 2015


Positions0 Remaining
Close Date24 hours before the event starts or when space runs out.
Age Limit21 and up
Reading is Fundamental

Dive into Reading with RIF in the Pecan Springs Library

May 18-22*

Our final RIF event of the year is coming soon!  Join me and our volunteers in the library as we prepare for the summer with a trip to the beach and, of course, FREE BOOKS!

*See schedule on back – please plan to arrive on time.

Reading Is Fundamental reading celebrations prepare and motivate children to read by giving out free books to those children who need them most.

Founded in 1966, RIF is the oldest and largest children’s and family nonprofit literacy organization in the United States. RIF’s highest priority is reaching children in need from birth to age 8. RIF in Austin began in 1974, and we have seen a large growth in the number of books distributed, increasing from 600 books in 1974 to over 60,000 books in 2010!

This program is vital for children who have no books in their homes, who have limited access to libraries and bookstores, and who, without RIF, would not experience the thrill of owning their own books.

All RIF programs combine three essential elements to foster children’s literacy: reading motivation, family and community involvement, and the excitement of choosing free books to keep.
Rotarians to sign up for a shift. If you are new, we will pair you with a Rotarian that has RIF experience.
PerksThis event counts toward your service hours or meeting make-up credit.
Parking DetailsThere is parking on the side of the school near the library and also limited street parking.
CausesChildren & Youth Community Education
7 Positions Filled | 4 Impacts | 2 Hours

Location: 3100 Rogge Ln, Austin, TX 78723

Shifts (25)

RIF Monday 10:00-10:30Mon, May 18, 10:00AMMon, May 18, 10:30AMJohnson class - 4th grade0/0Over
RIF Monday 10:40-11:10Mon, May 18, 10:30AMMon, May 18, 11:15AMPadberg class - 4th grade0/0Over
RIF Monday 11:20-11:50Mon, May 18, 11:15AMMon, May 18, 12:00PMOjeda class - 4th grade0/2Over
RIF Monday 12:30-1:00Mon, May 18, 12:30PMMon, May 18, 1:00PMVazquez class - 1st grade0/2Over
RIF Monday 1:10-1:40Mon, May 18, 1:00PMMon, May 18, 1:45PMFernandez class - 1st grade0/2Over
RIF Tuesday 8:00-8:30Tue, May 19, 8:00AMTue, May 19, 8:30AMDavis class - 2nd grade1/2Over
RIF Tuesday 8:40-9:10Tue, May 19, 8:30AMTue, May 19, 9:15AMTait class - 2nd grade1/2Over
RIF Tuesday 9:20-9:50Tue, May 19, 9:15AMTue, May 19, 10:00AMChavez class - 2nd grade1/2Over
RIF Tuesday 10:00-10:30Tue, May 19, 10:00AMTue, May 19, 10:30AMHernandez class - 2nd grade1/2Over
RIF Tuesday 12:30-1:00Tue, May 19, 12:30PMTue, May 19, 1:00PMTomasik class - 3rd grade0/2Over
RIF Tuesday 1:10-1:40Tue, May 19, 1:00PMTue, May 19, 1:45PMPatino/Shields class - 3rd grade0/2Over
RIF Tuesday 1:50-2:20Tue, May 19, 1:45PMTue, May 19, 2:30PMOrtiz class - 3rd0/2Over
RIF Wednesday 8:15-8:45Wed, May 20, 8:15AMWed, May 20, 8:45AMAguilar class - PreK1/2Over
RIF Wednesday 8:50-9:20Wed, May 20, 8:45AMWed, May 20, 9:30AMAlvarez class - PreK0/2Over
RIF Wednesday 9:25-9:55Wed, May 20, 9:15AMWed, May 20, 10:00AMHolmes class - PreK0/2Over
RIF Wednesday 10:00-10:30Wed, May 20, 10:00AMWed, May 20, 10:30AMFowler class - PreK0/2Over
RIF Wednesday 12:30-1:00Wed, May 20, 12:30PMWed, May 20, 1:00PMGarner class - 1st grade1/2Over
RIF Wednesday 1:10-1:40Wed, May 20, 1:00PMWed, May 20, 1:45PMShawhan class - 1st grade1/2Over
RIF Thursday 12:00-12:30Thu, May 21, 12:00PMThu, May 21, 12:30PMReynolds class - Kinder0/2Over
RIF Thursday 12:40-1:10Thu, May 21, 12:30PMThu, May 21, 1:15PMWood class - Kinder0/2Over
RIF Thursday 1:20-1:50Thu, May 21, 1:15PMThu, May 21, 2:00PMBarrera class - Kinder0/2Over
RIF Thursday 2:00-2:30Thu, May 21, 2:00PMThu, May 21, 2:30PMDr. C class - Kinder0/2Over
RIF Friday 8:30-9:00Fri, May 22, 8:30AMFri, May 22, 9:00AMWilliams class - 5th grade0/2Over
RIF Friday 9:10-9:40Fri, May 22, 9:00AMFri, May 22, 9:45AMFerlet class - 5th grade0/2Over
RIF Friday 9:50-10:20Fri, May 22, 9:45AMFri, May 22, 10:30AMMartinez class - 5th grade0/2Over


Vicky Lindsey wrote on May 7th, 2015

We can have one or two volunteers per shift. If you have any questions, please reach out to me @