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Description of Activities The volunteer works on a project-by-project basis. The volunteer assists the Empowerment and Leadership Development (ELD) Team in meeting the employment needs of community members. This includes: * making presentations or conducting trainings about looking for work * supporting community members in identifying their interests and assessing qualifications * guiding them in finding jobs that match their interests and qualifications well * coaching them after they have found jobs * preparing for the ELD Team’s review, useful written materials that can be used as guides Impact of Job Counselor Supporting individual community members in identifying their employable strengths and matching them with jobs improves the economic and overall well-being of individuals, family members and the community-at-large. Trainings provide general skills which members of the community can use independently to find financially secure and meaningful work Background/Experience Needed * experience in job counseling and coaching * knowledge of what positions are available in the local community and in Montgomery County * ability to identify appropriate positions which match the background of community members * experience serving a diverse community, e.g., speak English as a 2nd language, speak another language, be an immigrant, be new to the community, have limited employable skills * experience coaching others with patience and compassion * demonstration of good listening and writing skills * able to take guidance from multiple people on a team and then work independently Volunteers are sought who speak Spanish, Amharic and French Time Commitment and Volunteer Location Be available a minimum of 6 hours per month, mainly, evenings or weekends. Services is on a project-by-project basis. Activities are done at the CHEER office, CHEER sponsored events, or community locations in the Takoma Park/Long Branch area Benefits * gift cards or discounts * orientation and other volunteer events * skill building, training opportunities * new relationships and experiences, networking in the wider community * satisfaction benefiting the community * letter of reference * other incentives as they are offered CHEER Web announcement:
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Location: Silver Spring, MD 20901