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Monday, May 6th, 2019 to Wednesday, May 6th, 2020 (PT)


Hiring ManagerStefan Peierls
Age Limit21 and up
Chaperones volunteer alongside students and monitor student safety in a hands off way. Chaperones will challenge students to consider the importance of community service and how their service connects to possible desired career paths.
Requirement Details
Before volunteering
- Pass a background check through Verified Volunteers
- Meet with Volunteer Coordinator to become oriented with position & organization
- Sign an NDA to protect student contact information
- RSVP on GivePulse for volunteer event you wish to attend at least a week in advance

While volunteering with students:
- Arrive on time to service. If you are late and a student is harmed in your absence, you may be held personally liable
- Wear your Passion Impact shirt (provided at orientation) so you are identifiable as a Passion Impact volunteer to students who may not know you
- Ensure that all minors participating have submitted Volunteer Registration signed by a parent or guardian
- If our community partner requires volunteer documentation of their own, be sure you and the students have that paperwork completed
- Check students in and out
- Never leave a student alone with an adult. Maintain a ratio of one adult to no less than two students
- Model authentic engagement while volunteering by staying off your phone unless absolutely necessary
- Challenge students to consider the importance of service with Civic Attitudes Questions you bring (a key ring of questions will be provided to you at orientation)

After volunteering:
- Ask students to reflect on their service experience. Did they feel the experience was valuable or worthwhile? If so, why? If not, why not?
- When checking out, wait until the last student has left before you can leave
- Take a group photo and post it in the Chaperones Slack channel
- Add an impact to GivePuilse and encourage students to do the same
PerksBenefits of service as a Chaperone:
- Build relationships with students
- Network with local nonprofits
- Gain access to local volunteer opportunities
- Practice facilitating dialogue with students through reflections. Keep in mind, the goal is to empower students to lead and facilitate reflections on their own.
- Learn more about yourself and others through reflecting on volunteer experiences together
CausesChildren & Youth Civic Engagement College Readiness Marginalized Populations Mentor Professional Development
SkillsChild Care Coaching Entrepreneurship Job Readiness Learning/Education Mentoring Safety / Fire Teaching

Location: 5106 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97206