Celebrating the "I" in IARSLCE: Researching Engagement Across Borders

Wednesday, October 23rd from 8:00am to Tuesday, December 31st, 2019 3:00pm (MT)

The conference theme is intended to encourage thoughtful intercultural dialogue about research and research-informed practice for the benefit of diverse stakeholders across an expansive SLCE community.  Questions that arise from an emphasis on international engagement include:

  1. How is service learning and community engagement implemented in different parts of the world?
  2. What is the nature and scope of SLCE engagement across borders, and how are such borders defined (and by whom)?  Are there clear benefits to this kind of engagement?  What are the potential or actual risks?
  3. How does research inform best practices for preparing students, higher education professionals and community practitioners to engage in reciprocal and equitable relationships with international communities? How do we know that these relationships are reciprocal and equitable?
  4. How does international engagement impact student learning? Can similar learning goals be achieved locally with international communities?
  5. How does the SLCE field engage with international issues that have local impact and with local issues that have international impact, such as refugee populations and immigration? What are the international implications of seemingly local issues, like environmental equity and civil rights?
  6. Fundamentally: how does research inform engagement across borders?  Likewise, how can global SLCE practices shape research agendas?

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