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Help us list the volunteer opportunities on the Palouse!

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Studies have shown that 90% of adults express a desire to volunteer, yet only 25% actually do.  Why?  There are a number of reasons, but one of them is because it can be very difficult to connect with a local organization.

Have you ever tried to volunteer in this area?  If so, you likely know how challenging it can be.  At Inspired Palouse we want to make this MUCH easier!

Our volunteers go out and talk to local nonprofits, then post the information about that nonprofit on our site.  Once a month they verify that the information is up to date.  That's it!  Very simple, and yet, we believe it can make a tremendous difference in our community.

Rather than depending on local nonprofits trying to figure out how to tell people about themselves, we do it for them.  Our goal is to see every volunteer opportunity in this area listed on our site.

How many more thousands of people in this area can we entice to volunteer, simply by making it easy for them to connect with the right organization?!

Learn more about what we're looking for here:

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