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1. Volunteer opportunities in Education: Volunteers will spend time at Shine Preparatory School (PARC's nursery and primary school) and /or one of the local primary and secondary schools we partner with - assisting teachers in conducting lessons, organizing coaching classes -working one-on-one with students, assessment of children to ascertain their educational needs, organizing sports and special programs, and more to be determined when on-site.

2. Volunteer opportunities in Health: We also partner with local public (government) health centres aimed at strengthening public health care delivery of preventive and curative healthcare services to the rural resource poor communities. Volunteers will therefore assist with patient intake and taking vitals, participating in health outreach programs, as well as researching and collecting data. For more advanced medical students, we can also help to arrange visits to local health facilities /hospitals where you can shadow doctors throughout their rotation.

3. Volunteer opportunities in Sustainability: We are developing social business (micro-enterprise to create an income to the organisation while providing social services as well as creating local employment opportunities to the community) Volunteers will be assisting and training women and children in sewing, fashion and design (tailoring workshop), making and production of jewelry, bags and baskets (crafts enterprise), financial literacy and business management (village savings groups), song writing, singing and production of CDs, as well as drawing and production of visual prints (Shine Productions / PARC Art-Music group).

4. Cross-cutting project interventions: There are various projects aimed at improving education, health and livelihoods of the community we serve – which include; + Health camps (PARC clinic): The volunteers will help in conducting mobile camps that will provide much needed healthcare services (including dental care services) to the children attending our school and their parents and community in different villages. + Safe water for the community: The volunteers will help surveying the water sources in order to help assess the local needs, assess water quality (chemical composition, presence of bacteria, etc), work on cheaper solution to treat water (either produce chlorine from a single solar-recharged battery and a salt solution). + Foot-bridge construction: The volunteers will also help in building a bridge connecting two communities separated by a physical barrier - the river; which makes direct connection very difficulty especially during the rainy season.
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- PARC promotional materials (Caps, T-Shirts and bracelets).
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