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Equine Management Team

Open Opportunity


PositionsMany Remaining
ApprovalOrganizer will approve registrants
Age Limit16 and up
Equine Management Team (EMT'S) We need devoted individuals who can help make our Equine Partners the happiest and healthiest that they can be. Our horses are the heart of our program, they belong to the organization, therefore if you are volunteer with us they belong to you! This is an amazing way to learn horse knowledge, bond with these amazing animals and just have quality time helping out at the stables. There is a level system and training program if you would like to advance to working more with the Therapy Horses and no worries if you are happy with just grooming, believe me our horse do not care and love the extra hands on them! Level 1 Training January 25th at 6pm Level 2 Training January 30th at 7pm *you must complete Level 1 Training before attending Level 2
Must be able to lift 20 lbs and work outside.
PerksLearn Natural Horsemanship, Connect and bond with amazing Therapy Horses.
SkillsConstruction Work with Horses
38 Positions Filled | 10 Impacts | 66 Hours

Location: EQUESTRIAN BRIDGES is Located at 3100 N. Oak Land Zion Road Fayetteville AR 72703., 3100 Oak Land Zion Road, Fayetteville, AR 72703