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Finance Committee Member

Monday, July 22nd to Tuesday, December 31st, 2019 (PT)


Supervisor(s)Stefan Peierls
FacultyMallory Corrus
Hiring ManagerStefan Peierls

Description: The Finance Committee defines policies that determine when and how to be transparent in filing 990 forms on behalf of Passion Impact. Reporting to the Executive Committee, the Finance Committee formulates monthly budgets shaped by actual cash flow of the organization to accommodate hiring and programmatic needs.


  • Familiar with what information is required to complete IRS 990 forms
  • Experience designing organizational budgets or completing 990 forms
  • Experience with accounting, money management, and budget management
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • Passion for volunteerism and youth development
  • Committed to bettering the Portland community


  • Design monthly organizational budgets according to actual capital accumulated
  • Create a filing calendar
  • Complete & submit IRS 990 forms according to filing calendar
  • Make suggestions to the Development Committee to assist in finding varied revenue sources
  • Collaborate with other PI constituents to determine annual 2020-2021 budget
  • Gain experience in designing budgets and completing IRS 990 forms
  • Meet other similarly skilled community members committed to bettering the Portland community
  • Free food at quarterly Committee Collaborations