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Students are able to provide web-based volunteer service using our e-mentoring software platform. In a nutshell, students will mentor middle school-high school students through the use of technology, so we are able to reach a wide range of students in need of mentoring throughout America. Our software is secure and keeps records of volunteer hours performed by the mentor, data, reports, notes, goals, and other important features that will benefit the mentor and mentee, all through the use of technology (computer, telephone, and tablets). With the increase of social media and new innovative technology, we genuinely believe that technology based approaches to mentoring can address the challenges in our world. By partnering with an ample number of high-quality mentors from universities state-by-state, we are able to support the high need of youth mentorship. Our web-based platform gives our mentors and mentees a strong mentoring relationship that is reliable, consistent, and effective. To learn more about our organization please visit us at www.truepieces.org. Students can sign up via: Web: http://truepieces.org/volunteer/ Email: info@truepieces.org Telephone: 601-507-8703 Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns pertaining to our company process.
Age Limit
18 and up
Requirement Details
Volunteers must complete the volunteer application.
Sign Up for an online orientation and webinar.
Volunteers are required to communicate with their mentee at least once a week. (However, we recommend that the mentor have a regularly positive presence for the mentee).
We offer various incentives for volunteers that has reached different goals in our organization. Volunteer hours are gained all through the comfort of your technology device!
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