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Literacy Awareness Week: Story Marathon at Fayetteville Public Library

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015


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Close Date6 hours before the event starts or when space runs out.
As part of our Literacy Awareness Week, Honors College and Mortar Board students will be reading stories in the children's section at the Fayetteville Public Libary! We hope to have at least one story going on at all times, and several stories during the library's busy days. Help encourage local children to embrace reading!
CausesChildren & Youth Education
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Location: 401 W. Mountain St, Fayetteville, AR 72701

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Shift 1Thu, Dec 03, 9:00AMThu, Dec 03, 10:00AM3/4Over
Shift 2Thu, Dec 03, 10:00AMThu, Dec 03, 11:00AM3/4Over
Shift 3Thu, Dec 03, 11:00AMThu, Dec 03, 12:00PM4/4Over
Shift 4Thu, Dec 03, 12:00PMThu, Dec 03, 1:00PM1/4Over
Shift 5Thu, Dec 03, 1:00PMThu, Dec 03, 2:00PM1/4Over
Shift 6Thu, Dec 03, 2:00PMThu, Dec 03, 3:00PM4/4Over
Shift 7Thu, Dec 03, 3:00PMThu, Dec 03, 4:00PM4/4Over
Shift 8Thu, Dec 03, 4:00PMThu, Dec 03, 5:00PM4/4Over
Shift 9Thu, Dec 03, 5:00PMThu, Dec 03, 6:00PM3/4Over
Shift 10Thu, Dec 03, 6:00PMThu, Dec 03, 7:00PM4/4Over
Shift 11Thu, Dec 03, 7:00PMThu, Dec 03, 8:00PM2/4Over