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Red Kettle Campaign

Wednesday, December 2nd to Saturday, December 5th, 2015


Positions0 Remaining
Close DateAny time before the event ends or when space runs out.
Location: JC Penney at the mall. Each day will go from 11am-8pm. 1 hour shifts are fine, and for every hour you do you will receive double the philanthropy hours. (ie. 1hr=2 philanthropy hours) 

Top things to know as a Kettle Volunteer
I have a question, who do I call? Planning Question: Lindsey Strong, 479-283-5314; Day of Questions: Ben Godwin, 918-766-5644
Aim to arrive 10 minutes before your shift starts. That will ensure a smooth transition and let your predecessor know that you have arrived.
Morning Volunteers: We will deliver a Kettle to you at the beginning of the day. Please be patient with us. We will get to your location as quickly as possible; however, we only have 2 drivers for 20 locations.
Afternoon/Evening Volunteers: If you are not working a location first thing in the morning then a Kettle should be ready to go from the previous volunteer.
Your Kettle will be dropped off in the morning and picked up at the end of the day. 
We will not give each shift throughout the day a new kettle unless yours is stuffed full.
Can I leave my Kettle Unattended? Please do not leave it. If you for any reason need to leave the Kettle (to use the restroom, get a drink, etc) please take your Kettle to the customer service desk and ask them to hold it until you get back. 
If the person after you does not arrive on time for their shift, please give them 10-15 minutes and call Ben Godwin or Lindsey Strong. After 15 minutes, take your Kettle to customer service.
What do I do if my Kettle is stuffed full? Call Ben Godwin: 918-766-5644. He will deliver a new Kettle to your site! 
We ask that you dress appropriately with the understanding that you are representing The Salvation Army as a bell ringer. Feel free to wear Christmas hats or sweaters! Be festive! We will also have aprons for (at least) one ringer at each location to wear. 
Please do not touch the money. If someone tries to hand you cash, please ask them to put it straight in the Kettle. If someone wants to drive by and put money in, unlatch the Kettle, walk it to their car, and let them put the change in.
Please do not block the Kettle. Especially if you are a group ringing, please make sure you do not surround the Kettle and block convenient access.
Always be kind and courteous. If someone has a question about The Salvation Army please 
direct them towards calling our office rather than trying to answer them.

If a store manager asks you to do (or not do) something, please be respectful and comply.
HAVE FUN!! Ring and sing and spread Christmas Cheer!

100 Positions Filled | 107 Impacts | 114 Hours

Location: Fayetteville, AR 72701

Shifts (36)

Shift 1Wed, Dec 02, 11:00AMWed, Dec 02, 12:00PM0/4Over
Shift 2Wed, Dec 02, 12:00PMWed, Dec 02, 1:00PM0/4Over
Shift 3Wed, Dec 02, 1:00PMWed, Dec 02, 2:00PM4/4Over
Shift 4Wed, Dec 02, 2:00PMWed, Dec 02, 3:00PM2/4Over
Shift 5Wed, Dec 02, 3:00PMWed, Dec 02, 4:00PM4/4Over
Shift 6Wed, Dec 02, 4:00PMWed, Dec 02, 5:00PM4/4Over
Shift 7Wed, Dec 02, 5:00PMWed, Dec 02, 6:00PM4/4Over
Shift 8Wed, Dec 02, 6:00PMWed, Dec 02, 7:00PM3/4Over
Shift 9Wed, Dec 02, 7:00PMWed, Dec 02, 8:00PM3/4Over
Shift 10Thu, Dec 03, 11:00AMFri, Dec 04, 12:00PM3/3Over
Shift 11Thu, Dec 03, 12:00PMThu, Dec 03, 1:00PM3/3Over
Shift 12Thu, Dec 03, 1:00PMThu, Dec 03, 2:00PM2/3Over
Shift 13Thu, Dec 03, 2:00PMThu, Dec 03, 3:00PM3/3Over
Shift 14Thu, Dec 03, 3:00PMThu, Dec 03, 4:00PM3/3Over
Shift 15Thu, Dec 03, 4:00PMThu, Dec 03, 5:00PM3/3Over
Shift 16Thu, Dec 03, 5:00PMThu, Dec 03, 6:00PM3/3Over
Shift 17Thu, Dec 03, 6:00PMThu, Dec 03, 7:00PM3/3Over
Shift 19Thu, Dec 03, 7:00PMThu, Dec 03, 8:00PM3/3Over
Shift 20Fri, Dec 04, 11:00AMFri, Dec 04, 12:00PM2/3Over
Shift 21Fri, Dec 04, 12:00PMFri, Dec 04, 1:00PM3/3Over
Shift 22Fri, Dec 04, 1:00PMFri, Dec 04, 2:00PM3/3Over
Shift 23Fri, Dec 04, 2:00PMFri, Dec 04, 3:00PM2/3Over
Shift 24Fri, Dec 04, 3:00PMFri, Dec 04, 4:00PM3/3Over
Shift 25Fri, Dec 04, 4:00PMFri, Dec 04, 5:00PM3/3Over
Shift 26Fri, Dec 04, 5:00PMFri, Dec 04, 6:00PM3/3Over
Shift 28Fri, Dec 04, 6:00PMFri, Dec 04, 7:00PM3/3Over
Shift 29Fri, Dec 04, 7:00PMFri, Dec 04, 8:00PM3/3Over
Shift 30Sat, Dec 05, 11:00AMSat, Dec 05, 12:00PM2/3Over
Shift 31Sat, Dec 05, 12:00PMSat, Dec 05, 1:00PM3/3Over
Shift 32Sat, Dec 05, 1:00PMSat, Dec 05, 2:00PM3/3Over
Shift 33Sat, Dec 05, 2:00PMSat, Dec 05, 3:00PM3/3Over
Shift 34Sat, Dec 05, 3:00PMSat, Dec 05, 4:00PM3/3Over
Shift 35Sat, Dec 05, 4:00PMSat, Dec 05, 5:00PM2/3Over
Shift 36Sat, Dec 05, 5:00PMSat, Dec 05, 6:00PM3/3Over
Shift 38Sat, Dec 05, 6:00PMSat, Dec 05, 7:00PM3/3Over
Shift 39Sat, Dec 05, 7:00PMSat, Dec 05, 8:00PM3/3Over