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Blood Drive Tabling 2

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016 to Monday, April 11th, 2016
This event has ended. If you attended, let the organizer know by recording your impact!


PositionsMany Remaining
Close DateAny time before the event ends or when space runs out.
We will be helping with Blood Drive Registration 
27 Positions Filled | 25 Impacts | 25 Hours

Location: Fountain, Milledgeville, GA 31061

Shifts (20)

Tuesday Shift 1Tue, Apr 05 10:00amTue, Apr 05 11:00am0/4Over
Tuesday Shift 2Tue, Apr 05 11:00amTue, Apr 05 12:00pm0/4Over
Tuesday Shift 3Tue, Apr 05 12:00pmTue, Apr 05 1:00pm0/4Over
Tuesday Shift 4Tue, Apr 05 1:00pmTue, Apr 05 2:00pm0/4Over
Monday Shift 4Tue, Apr 05 1:00pmMon, Apr 11 2:00pm0/4Over
Tuesday Shift 5Tue, Apr 05 2:00pmTue, Apr 05 3:00pm0/4Over
Wednesday Shift 1Wed, Apr 06 10:00amWed, Apr 06 11:00am1/4Over
Wednesday Shift 2Wed, Apr 06 11:00amWed, Apr 06 12:00pm3/4Over
Wednesday Shift 3Wed, Apr 06 12:00pmWed, Apr 06 1:00pm3/4Over
Wednesday Shift 4Wed, Apr 06 1:00pmWed, Apr 06 2:00pm3/4Over
Wednesday Shift 5Wed, Apr 06 2:00pmWed, Apr 06 3:00pm0/4Over
Thursday Shift1Thu, Apr 07 10:00amThu, Apr 07 11:00am1/4Over
Thursday Shift 2Thu, Apr 07 11:00amThu, Apr 07 12:00pm4/4Over
Thursday Shift 3Thu, Apr 07 12:00pmThu, Apr 07 1:00pm4/4Over
Thursday Shift 4Thu, Apr 07 1:00pmThu, Apr 07 2:00pm4/4Over
Thursday Shift 5Thu, Apr 07 2:00pmThu, Apr 07 3:00pm4/4Over
Monday Shift 1Mon, Apr 11 10:00amMon, Apr 11 11:00am0/4Over
Monday Shift 2Mon, Apr 11 11:00amMon, Apr 11 12:00pm0/4Over
Monday Shift 3Mon, Apr 11 12:00pmMon, Apr 11 1:00pm0/4Over
Monday Shift 5Mon, Apr 11 2:00pmMon, Apr 11 3:00pm0/4Over