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RR4L's Celebrate Your Love for UTSA

Thursday, February 11th, 2016


Positions0 Remaining
ApprovalOrganizer will approve registrants
Close DateAny time before the event ends or when space runs out.
Do you have a professor who has gone the extra mile to help you excel in your studies? Did you meet your best friend or significant other here on campus at UTSA?

There are so many reasons why UTSA may have a special place in your heart. 

You're invited to join Roadrunners for Life to write a note about why you love UTSA and enjoy some sweet treats with us!
CausesCommunity Education
SkillsAdvertising Arts and Crafts Communications Event Planning Food Distribution Fundraising Learning/Education Marketing Online Marketing Photography Public Relations Sales & Business Development Social Media
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Location: 1 UTSA Circle, The Sombrilla, San Antonio, TX 78249

Shifts (6)

Name & TimeDescriptionPositions
Start: Thu, Feb 11, 10:30AM
End: Thu, Feb 11, 11:00AM
Helping Set up the event0/10Over
Start: Thu, Feb 11, 11:00AM
End: Thu, Feb 11, 2:00PM
The board monitor will make sure students are writing appropriate messages and will suggest messages if the student is unsure of what to write. Make sure hearts are sticking to the board. If hearts come off, please apply extra tape and replace heart back on board. Please also make sure students are safe around the boards, such as not leaning too hard on the boards.0/10Over
Start: Thu, Feb 11, 11:00AM
End: Thu, Feb 11, 2:00PM
Cookie Handlers will hand each student one cookie after they have posted their heart on the board. Please use either food service gloves, tongs or a napkin when handling out the cookie. Be sure to thank them for sharing what they love most about UTSA!0/10Over
Start: Thu, Feb 11, 11:00AM
End: Thu, Feb 11, 2:00PM
Greeters will actively approach students passing by to stop and share what they love about UTSA. Prompt students:
“Do you have a favorite professor you’d like to give a shout out?”
“Did you meet your best friend here at UTSA?”
“Do you love using the Rec Center?”
“Have you received a scholarship that you’d like to thank a donor for?”
“Is the JPL one of your favorite places to eat on campus?”
“Don’t you love having two Starbucks on campus?”
“Do you have a favorite study spot at campus?”
“Do you love going to UTSA athletic events”
Once they’re interested, send them to the board to post/share their story. Hand the student a sharpie. Make sure you get the sharpie back after they are done sharing their story.
Start: Thu, Feb 11, 11:00AM
End: Thu, Feb 11, 2:00PM
Heart and tape suppliers will be posted close to the board to hand a student a paper heart that has double sided tape on it. If the supply of paper hearts starts to get low, notify the Table Monitor to start preparing more hearts. You will also need to be engaged with the students signing the board. Ask similar questions mentioned under the “Greeters” duties. Some students may get to the board and be unsure of what to say. Please prompt them with suggestions that are appropriate to write. 0/10Over
Start: Thu, Feb 11, 2:00PM
End: Thu, Feb 11, 2:30PM
Help breakdown the event0/10Over