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Spread the Word to End the Word Tabling


PositionsMany Remaining
Close DateAny time before the event ends or when space runs out.
Shared WithLife Enrichment Center - Milledgeville
0 Positions Filled | 7 Impacts | 12 Hours

A few people you will meet...

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Location: Front Campus or Library (if bad weather), Milledgeville, GA 31061

Shifts (12)

Shift OneMon, Feb 29 11:30amMon, Feb 29 12:30pm0/∞Over
Shift TwoMon, Feb 29 12:30pmMon, Feb 29 1:30pm0/∞Over
Shift ThreeMon, Feb 29 1:30pmMon, Feb 29 2:30pm0/∞Over
Shift OneTue, Mar 01 11:30amTue, Mar 01 12:30pm0/∞Over
Shift TwoTue, Mar 01 12:30pmTue, Mar 01 1:30pm0/∞Over
Shift ThreeTue, Mar 01 1:30pmTue, Mar 01 2:30pm0/∞Over
Shift OneWed, Mar 02 11:30amWed, Mar 02 12:30pm0/∞Over
Shift TwoWed, Mar 02 12:30pmWed, Mar 02 1:30pm0/∞Over
Shift ThreeWed, Mar 02 1:30pmWed, Mar 02 2:30pm0/∞Over
Shift OneThu, Mar 03 11:30amThu, Mar 03 12:30pm0/∞Over
Shift TwoThu, Mar 03 12:30pmThu, Mar 03 1:30pm0/∞Over
Shift ThreeThu, Mar 03 1:30pmThu, Mar 03 2:30pm0/∞Over