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(Module) Gardening Earth Naturalist Club Online Modules

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Welcome to the Online Education Resources page! Please feel free to access this page to find educational videos. You don’t even have to have an account to sign up! Below you will find a description of one of the videos – if it sounds interesting, please register (using the green button on the upper right hand corner of the page), answer a couple quick questions, and the link will be sent to you!

Resource Description:
One of the Georgia Botanical Garden’s best, most engaging and easiest to navigate materials is the Garden Earth Naturalist curriculum. It is designed to be a two-year environmental education curriculum for all varieties of educators whether it is in the classroom, homeschool or afterschool program. Each lesson is designed around the state standards and has very developed background information and how-to instructions so that anyone can teach the content regardless of your background.  You can find it at 

Additional Details: 

The GARDEN EARTH NATURALIST (GEN) clubs integrate scientifically strong curricula with outdoor investigations and stewardship/ service learning projects. The program stresses teamwork and thus creates a non-competitive, non-threatening environment for students. The interdisciplinary, learner-centered activities encourage problem solving and critical thinking. The active learning techniques using 'real world' relevant subject matter are consistent with current research about how children learn. GEN provides an in-depth understanding of an ecosystem. The instructional materials organize content matter into "Departments" which represent the life-support functions or "eco-services" that Earth's ecosystems provide to maintain a quality life on this planet. The Departments include: water purification, air cleaning, climate control, pollination, soil production and maintenance, pest and disease control, biodiversity, and food production. This framework provides a platform for identifying issues that threaten earth's eco-services and stewardship actions that repair each ecoservice. (see Figure 3)

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