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Volunteering for Green Move Out

Wednesday, May 11th to Sunday, May 22nd, 2016


Positions0 Remaining
Close DateAny time before the event ends or when space runs out.
Volunteers will help with sorting items at the truck and box drop-offs.
CausesCommunity General Service
80 Positions Filled | 30 Impacts | 58 Hours

Location: Easton, PA 18042

Shifts (19)

McCartney St next to College GateWed, May 11, 3:00PMWed, May 11, 5:00PM2/10Over
Watson Hall (gravel lot)Thu, May 12, 11:00AMThu, May 12, 1:00PM4/10Over
East Campus Lane (by Watson Courts)Thu, May 12, 3:00PMThu, May 12, 5:00PM3/10Over
Conway/Kamine parking lotFri, May 13, 11:00AMFri, May 13, 1:00PM2/10Over
Hamilton/Monroe St. (by Kamine Gym)Fri, May 13, 11:00AMFri, May 13, 1:00PM2/10Over
South College Drive (by Keefe)Fri, May 13, 3:00PMFri, May 13, 5:00PM5/10Over
McCartney St. (next to College Gate)Sat, May 14, 11:00AMSat, May 14, 1:00PM1/10Over
Watson Hall (gravel lot)Sat, May 14, 1:00PMSat, May 14, 3:00PM3/10Over
South College Drive (by Keefe)Sun, May 15, 11:00AMSun, May 15, 1:00PM2/10Over
East Campus Lane (by Watson Courts)Sun, May 15, 1:00PMSun, May 15, 3:00PM3/10Over
Hamilton/Monroe St. (by Kamine Gym)Sun, May 15, 3:00PMSun, May 15, 5:00PM1/10Over
March Field parking lotMon, May 16, 12:00PMMon, May 16, 2:00PM3/10Over
Conway/Kamine parking lotMon, May 16, 3:00PMMon, May 16, 5:00PM2/10Over
Off-campus box drop-offFri, May 20, 1:00PMFri, May 20, 4:00PM3/10Over
March Field (parking lot)Sun, May 22, 12:00PMSun, May 22, 1:00PM10/10Over
March Field (parking lot)Sun, May 22, 1:00PMSun, May 22, 2:00PM8/10Over
March Field (parking lot)Sun, May 22, 2:00PMSun, May 22, 3:00PM10/10Over
March Field (parking lot)Sun, May 22, 3:00PMSun, May 22, 4:00PM9/10Over
March Field (parking lot)Sun, May 22, 4:00PMSun, May 22, 5:00PM7/10Over