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Reach For Success - Literacy Tutoring

Open Opportunity
This event has been cancelled.


Did you know that there is a $250,000 income discrepancy over a lifetime between earning a HS Diploma vs GED??

Goodwill Industries of Central Texas is on the path to drastically change this by improving access to adult high school diplomas, and in the mean time we offer multiple locations where clients can get GED assistance.

How can you help...

Unfortunately, many youth who have a reading and writing level below 7th grade contact us GED assistance, but the vast majority struggle significantly. There is a great need for tutoring to increase the literacy levels of many of these youth so they can then successfully prepare for and pass the GED exams.

Until now there was no literacy programs in Austin that would serve these individuals with literacy levels of between 5th-7th grade.

Thankfully, our new Reach for Success program will provide tutoring for these youth clients who come to Goodwill looking for assistance getting their GED, but who have literacy levels in the 5th to 7th grade range.

This is a flexible opportunity with varying times and locations.
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Location: 1015 Norwood Park Blvd., Austin, TX 78721