Organizational Development Specialist

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Organizational Development Specialist  


Haiti Now is dedicated to empowering Haitian girls living in domestic servitude to overcome poverty and exploitation to achieve economic security.


Our Vision

To see girls in domestic servitude overcome extreme poverty, heal emotional trauma, and live rewarding lives.


"Your first assignment will be to start a fundraising campaign. Haiti Now will provide further guidance for you to have a quick and successful fundraiser."


Role brief: The Organizational Development (OD) Specialist position will work with other OD Specialists in responding to, creating, and implementing recognition, engagement, and training initiatives. The OD Specialist will communicate with cross-functional subject matter experts (SMEs) and leaders to ensure that end deliverables meet the initial requirements. This position is also responsible for providing creative insight towards organizational development/HR-related strategies. The OD Specialist will play an integral part in ensuring that Haiti-Now team members feel valued, are appropriately recognized, and as a result, increase team member engagement. 



  1. Responds to OD inquiries within the time parameters of HN’s communication policy

  2. Identifies and prioritizes projects according to deadlines and priority level

  3. Provides project progress on HN’s project management platforms (Trello, Slack, Gmail, etc).

  4. Facilitates and participates in meetings with project leaders and team members as needed to comprehend the project requirements and end goals

  5. Consults with Org. Dev. and HR leaders on observed discrepancies and suggests improvements regarding organizational development strategies

  6. Assists with developing and designing programs in the following areas: recognition, training, engagement and human resources

  7. Plan and implement organization talent acquisition strategy

  8. Develop organization policy for talent benchmarking, talent assessment and interviewing

  9. Proactively seek market intelligence to gain competitive advantage in attraction, assessment and sourcing methodologies


  • Bachelors in Human Resources, Organizational Development, Project Management, Business Management or related will be considered

  • Minimum of 1-year experience is required 

  • Minimum of 7-10 hours per week

  • Strong internet connection 


As a volunteer-driven non-profit, we are in need of skilled and experienced HR Generalists to help us with various HR-centric tasks such as supporting, recruiting & managing volunteers for different functions for our organization. While Haiti Now strives to fulfill its mission through the commitment of over 80 volunteers in different functional areas, new volunteers are needed as the organization grows and people leave. This position can help individuals with a career interest in HR gain experience through a flexible schedule working remotely, all for a good cause.

For support, we have a project management structure in place, mapped out workflows for different HR processes including on-boarding and off-boarding, organizational charts to represent roles within the organization, highlighted priority positions that need people sooner than later.

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