Vulture Festival 2021

Saturday, October 9th, 2021 from 6:30am to 12:45pm
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Vulture Festival provides families and individuals with a fun environment to increase their knowledge about waste reduction, ecology, and community stewardship through environmental education focussed on nature's clean-up crew, the vulture!

ANNOUNCEMENT: For the health and safety of all involved, we ask that all attendees wear masks when they are within 6 feet of presenters, activity stations, or other attendees. When social distancing is possible on the birding trails, scavenger hike, or in open spaces, please use your discretion to keep yourself and others safe. We will have hand sanitizer and extra masks available, as needed. Thank you.

7:30 AM     Bird Walk with Oconee Rivers Audubon Society
8:00 AM     Festival Begins - Family Activities, Informational Tables, Food, Live Animals
9:00 AM - 9:45 AM      EarthQuest: Birds of Prey Program Presentation (#1)
9:45 AM - 10:15 AM      Guided Tour of ACC Composting Operations
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM    Guided Tour of ACC Landfill Operations
11:00 AM                      Announcement of Costume Contest Winner!
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM     EarthQuest: Birds of Prey Program Presentation (#2)
11:45 AM - 12:00 PM     Festival Wrap Up, Final Announcements and Activities!
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Registration Closes
Oct 8, 2021 8:00pm or when space runs out.
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ShiftStart TimeEnd TimeDescriptionRegistrants Needed
Set Up6:30am (ET)8:30am (ET)Set up tables, decorations, tents, breakfast food for volunteers, and activity stations.3/4Over
Parking & Traffic7:00am (ET)9:30am (ET) 0/2Over
Registration / Information Table7:30am (ET)9:30am (ET) 1/2Over
Scavenger Hike Station7:30am (ET)12:15pm (ET)The Vulture Fest Scavenger Hike needs volunteers for several stations along the way. We will assign specific stations at the event.0/5Over
Station 1: Vulture Crafts7:30am (ET)12:15pm (ET)Assist guests (children) to make take-away vultures out of paper plates, a tissue tube and markers as well as assist with vulture masks. Also, replenish materials for craft making and keep station tidy.0/2Over
Station 2: Vomit Toss7:30am (ET)12:15pm (ET)Vomit toss is an activity that allows guests to toss fake vomit at vulture's predators displayed on a board, to imitate how vultures defend themselves. Volunteers will control the flow of guests at the station and keep fake vomit available for the activity.2/2Over
Station 3: Poop Happens!7:30am (ET)12:15pm (ET) Poop Happens! imitates how vultures poop on their legs to cool themselves off in extreme heat conditions. Volunteers at this station will keep a mixture of flour and water available for the activity. When guests approach, they will spread a small amount onto their hand, and blow a fan on...1/2Over
Station 4: Bald Is Beautiful7:30am (ET)12:15pm (ET)This activity will involve shower caps, spaghetti and baby oil. Volunteers will apply shower caps with baby oil on them to guests, apply spaghetti and demonstrate how easy it is to clean your head when your bald! This will help guests better understand why vultures are bald.0/2Over
Station 5: Pickin'7:30am (ET)12:15pm (ET)Volunteers will help with an activity demonstrating how vultures use their beaks.0/2Over
Station 6: Metal Melter7:30am (ET)12:15pm (ET) This is a station that allows guests to experience the power of vulture's stomach acid. The station will use white vinegar, red food coloring, baking soda and ground up dry noodles for a vulture stomach acid demonstration. Volunteers will assist guests perform the experiment and talk a little bit about...0/2Over
Station 7: Snack & Carrion7:30am (ET)12:15pm (ET) Here, guests can make a donation for a Vulture Cookie, Edible Hippo or Zebra Flavored Vulture Vomit and a Coke beverage! Volunteers will be required to collect and document donations, as well as, edible item giveaways. In addition, volunteers at this station will hand out a free Coke beverage with...0/2Over
Station 8: Wing Span7:30am (ET)12:15pm (ET)Assist participants in measuring their wing span with our wing span poster and teach them about vulture flight.0/2Over
Floater7:45am (ET)12:15pm (ET) Floater volunteers will be ready at moment's notice to jump in and help with any of the other volunteer positions and/or activities throughout the event. This could include assistance with tours, bird presentation, registration, scavenger hunt, bird walk, or other task. Also, please help relieve other volunteers in the activity...0/2Over
Parking & Traffic9:00am (ET)12:15pm (ET) 2/2Over
Registration / Information Table9:15am (ET)12:00pm (ET) 2/2Over
Cleanup / Teardown Reinforcements!11:45am (ET)12:45pm (ET) Can't volunteer during the majority of the event? Would you rather circle the event from above? We can still use help cleaning up at the end of the event -- the rest of our volunteers thank you in advance for this heroic effort to swoop in and help take care...0/2Over