Help Give the Gift of English to Students in Ukraine

ENGin is a free, peer-to-peer English language program helping a generation of Ukrainian youth improve their spoken English and intercultural skills, equipping them to access academic and professional opportunities. We pair students with English-speaking volunteers, offering them a unique opportunity to connect with a buddy abroad while providing volunteers a flexible, rewarding pathway to make a lasting impact in a peer's life.

Since the war in Ukraine began, our need for English fluent volunteers has significantly increased as we are adapting to serve young adults and refugees to help them rebuild their lives using English as a key tool (for new jobs, navigating life abroad, etc), and we have a huge demand from students. Connecting these young adults with a volunteer who may work in a similar field or have similar educational backgrounds could help them hone their professional skills as well.

We've grown to nearly 13,000 participants in the last 2 years, and the costs of running the program have increased precipitously. As a free program, we rely on donations to survive. Please support us and help us bring the gift of English to our students!
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