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Day League: DeKalb Rape Crisis Center

The mission of DeKalb Rape Crisis Center is to provide support and follow-up services to survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones. To achieve this goal, the administrative staff of the Center must partner with volunteers to provide support to the Center’s programs and to other volunteers.

Crisis Hotline Counselor:

DRCC is committed to providing services to all DeKalb residents impacted by sexual assault. The majority of the contacts made with the Center are initiated through a 24-hour crisis hotline. There are a variety of call types that come into the crisis line. A sampling of the types of calls received includes survivors calling immediately post-rape, loved ones needing support and information or community members wanting general information. The volunteer’s role is to provide support to these callers using empathy, understanding, good listening skills and factual information. The Center uses generally only female volunteers to staff the crisis line (over 90% of our survivor calls are from women); however, men are encouraged to become trained in crisis techniques to assist both male survivors and male friends and family members on an as needed basis.

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Organizer will approve registrants
Opens Mar 22, 2023 12:00am
Age Limit
18 and up
Background check, Training, Fingerprinting
Requirement Details



Persons interested in becoming crisis line volunteers must have certain basic communication and counseling skills. Although these will be developed in training class, advocates must:


·         Be able to communicate clearly and without being judgmental

·         Have excellent listening skills

·         Be able to manage his/her own emotions

·         Be able to respect and maintain confidentiality


Other Requirements:

·         Volunteers must complete a 20-hour training series. This training is offered by the Center in the fall and spring of each year. No more than two sessions can be missed; any session missed must be made up through video and/or discussion with training coordinator.

·         Volunteers will be expected to work at least two 12-hour shift per month. The volunteer is contacted via the call center. Volunteer can attend to regular acts of daily living; however, any call received must be the top priority for the volunteer (the volunteer must be able to respond to calls in a timely and confidential manner).

·         Volunteer can use personal cell phone or home phone to return calls from the crisis line.

·         Volunteer will be quick and efficient in turning in all necessary paperwork.  

Sustainable Development Goals
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