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Become a Fair Housing Tester!

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The Austin Tenants’ Council needs your help in gathering information about housing practices in Austin. Volunteers are needed who can objectively gather and report information about the availability of housing while posing as a prospective renter or homebuyer. Testers receive training and are paid a stipend for completed tests along with reimbursement for actual costs such as mileage.

Fair housing testing provides an objective means to determine whether prospective renters or buyers are treated differently in violation of the Fair Housing Act. Testers are matched based on income, credit history, and other factors relevant to the home buying or leasing process. The seven protected classes identified under the Fair Housing Act are race, color, national origin, sex (including sexual harassment), religion, disability, and familial status.
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Location: Austin Tenants' Council, 1640-B East 2nd Street, Suite 150, Austin, TX 78702