2022 A7 Swimming

Saturday, August 13th, 2022 from 7:15am to 12:30pm


Get ready to see the Athletes make a splash (obligatory pool joke)! See some incredible Athletes competing in a variety of races as part of the local area Aquatics Competition.

In all events volunteers will be active in a variety of roles, including but not limited to:
- setting up and clearing venue equipment
- staging Athletes prior to their races
- running volunteer and athlete support stations
- event timing and officiating
- participating in athlete awards ceremonies


    • 15 years and older can volunteer by themselves.
    • 8-14 year olds must be accompanied by parent, guardian, or chaperone. If in a group, then there must be a 4:1 ratio of children/teens to adults.
    • 7 years and younger are not given volunteer assignments but are welcomed and encouraged to be cheerleaders as long as they are accompanied by a parent, guardian, or chaperone.

Wear weather-appropriate athletic clothing and shoes (non-marking if we are indoors). If you have one, wear a shirt that represents your organization.

Event Coordinator: Gretchen Reeves greeves@sotx.org
Volunteer Services Manager: A. Loveless, aloveless@sotx.org

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ShiftStart TimeEnd TimeDescriptionRegistrants Needed
Morning Volunteer Check In7:15am (CT)12:30pm (CT) Team of 1-2 volunteers that are willing to assist at the volunteer registration tent and check-in volunteers as they arrive. This team of 1-2 will have to possess good communication and leadership skills as they will be dispersing information to volunteers. Knowledge about the event and multi-tasking skills are advantageous...2/2Over
AM Awards and Tear Down7:30am (CT)12:30pm (CT) The awards station can use 3-7 people. Volunteers assisting with awards will be the ones announcing, distributing, setting up, and tearing down awards. Tasks at the awards station include announcing the award winners, assisting athletes in getting to their correct standing place according to their award number (if needed), award...0/10Over
AM Court Escorts, Lane Monitors, and Diving Deck7:30am (CT)12:30pm (CT) LANE MONITORS: 1 lane monitor is needed at each end of each lane to ensure that athletes complete the proper turn during the race. Lane monitors will rotate and guide swimmers out of the pool and lead the athletes to the awards area.  DIVING DECK: 1-5 Volunteers are needed to...4/50Over
Morning Medical7:30am (CT)12:30pm (CT)Volunteers must have previous or current medical experience and current CPR, AED, and First Aid certification. 0/5Over