American Institute for Children's Rights

Open Opportunity


The American Institute for Children’s Rights (AIFCR) is a nonpartisan 527 tax exempt political organization dedicated to fighting for children’s rights in the American political sphere. Areas of focus include child abuse and neglect prevention, school safety, and mental health resources for kids.  

AIFCR is currently recruiting for multiple positions including:

  • Board of Directors Positions
    • In keeping with state and federal guidelines, the AIFCR is required to maintain several governors with a variety of abilities and the ability to oversee the organization.
  • Solicitation Volunteer
    • Solicitation Volunteers work to raise funding for the AIFCR’s mission. 
    • Solicitation may include door-to-door fundraising, attending events, contacting local businesses for contributions, and more.
    • Large Contribution Solicitor - LCS’s work specifically to target donors with the capacity to give gifts of over $5000.
  • Social Media Volunteer
24 Remaining
Age Limit
16 and up
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