2022 Tecaboca FundRun

11 days left

As we celebrate the 85th anniversary of Tecaboca, you are invited to participate in this year’s Tecaboca FundRun!  The FundRun will be held Saturday, October 15, 2022 and encourages individuals or teams to complete a virtual 5k run/walk at any location of your choice while requesting donations from family and friends in order to win some great prizes.  The event will also be livestreamed on the Tecaboca Facebook page where prizes will be given away and an online silent auction will take place concurrently. It’s a great opportunity to join in community for a fun experience while raising money for this wonderful place!

Here's how it works:

1. Put together a Tecaboca FundRun team (no more than 6 people) and come up with a name -or- you can run the event yourself.  Post a pic of you or your team and team name on social media with the hashtag #TecabocaFundRun22. Click the "Help Fundraise" button to set up your team or individual campaign. 📽 Check out this video on how to set up a fundraising campaign

(Pssst....you can even be a "Ghost Runner" if you want - we won't tell...just make your donation in any amount to help us reach our goal and you'll get all the recognition just the same!)

2. Find a place to complete a 5k walk/run/bike ride/roller skate/skip (you get the idea) either together as a team or on your own on October 15.

3. As a team, invite family and friends to sponsor your "run" by asking for a donation for completing it (Consider suggesting a donation of $25 or $50 - the cost of a ticket to our annual event which is usually $40) 

4. Have your friends and family make the donation themselves directly to your campaign page or on this page, when checking out they can credit your team name. Share your campaign page widely with friends and family to donate directly to your team’s campaign. See this video for more details on setting up a campaign.

5. On October 15 tune in to Tecaboca’s Facebook page and share images or videos of yourself and/or your team completing the 5k and watch the Tecaboca FundRun Team complete it while raffling prizes and announcing our participants as we see the donations come in!  Remember to use the hashtag #TecabocaFundRun22 on all your social media platforms!

6. Anyone want prizes??  There will be prizes given to the team AND the individual who raises the most money by 2:00 PM central time on October 16. Offline donations must be in hand by 5 PM central time on October 14 to count toward prizes.

7. Celebrate with us! All local folks are invited to join us for a dinner event in San Antonio on the evening of October 15, mass celebrated at Tecaboca by Archbishop Gustavo on October 16, and a family day event that afternoon on the property to follow.  Bring a swimsuit and some lawn chairs for a restful afternoon. Learn more details here: https://tecaboca.com/celebrate-85-years

And there you have it!

Our goal this year is to raise $20,000 for our beloved Tecaboca!  I know there are plenty of you out there who love the Marianists and what this place does for everyone who crosses the dam road.  Please consider helping, as Tecaboca relies on people like you to continue its mission of striving to provide place and program for people to hear God's voice.  Let's all join together to make a faith-filled difference!

Be an event sponsor and learn more about the 85th Anniversary celebration! Check out details here>>>

Silent Auction will open two weeks prior to the event - Bids accepted until 9 PM central time on October 16.


Campaign Leaderboard

$94.88 of $2,500.00 goal
Donors: 4
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$1,407.05 of $5,000.00 goal | Donors: 9
$208.66 of $1,000.00 goal | Donors: 1
$63.04 of $1,000.00 goal | Donors: 2
$15.92 of $1,000.00 goal | Donors: 1
$0.00 of $1,000.00 goal | Donors: 0