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House of Charity serves the most vulnerable members of our community, those who are on the streets running from mental illness and childhood trauma. They are running from it so fast that they have eluded each institution that has tried to help them — their families, their schools, the mental health system and every other shelter in town. These neighbors of ours have not fallen through the cracks so much as they have hidden there, having given up hope that life can improve.

At the House of Charity, we hold the hope until it rekindles in them. We welcome them because we believe each person, regardless of condition, is still worthy of being loved. We give them clean beds where they can lie down and a filling meal to restore them. Through our Food Rescue Program, we support meal ministries across Spokane so patrons can find sustenance wherever they go. We offer space, staff and services to guide them on the path back to themselves. We walk with them through their darkest valley, offering our hopeful presence to slowly ease their fears.

For information on volunteering with the House of Charity, please contact Keala Arquero, Community Outreach Coordinator at Volunteering opportunities include:

  • Serving Breakfast

  • Serving Lunch

  • Food Prep

  • Resource Room 

  • Front Desk support

Age Limit
16 and up
Background check, Training
Requirement Details

All volunteers must complete our online application found here

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