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EquaVision is created by Emily and co-chaired by Emily and Angela. It encourages and supports middle/high school/college students to tutor younger students in various subject areas and donate their earnings to the G4SS Education Scholarship Program.
The  EquaVision Scholarship Program provides financial coverage to young students in the county of El Salvador (ES). It functions as a tool for deviance prevention, academic attainment and economic mobility. It recognizes the inequities and lack of opportunities that exist in ES and actively seeks to make a seat at the table, providing opportunities to those who most need it. 
The Scholarship is going to work with “Nuestra Señora de Lourdes” Catholic School Center. The sponsorship will cover educational costs including: enrollment fees, monthly tuition payments, uniform, school supplies, books and additional fees depending on the school. For every $500.00 donated to the Scholarship, the Tutoring project can send one child to the school for a year.
The subjects that our tutors can teach including their favorite academic subjects. Our ideal sources of tutees are younger students in the neighborhood within walking students, family friends or peers from schools. Our tutors can also coach or accompany tutees in their practice of sports, musical instruments, artistic activities. Or they can simply read to children who are acquiring reading skills.
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