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Waitlist for Trail of Lights Seton Volunteers



Positions0 Remaining
Close DateAny time before the event ends or when space runs out.
All shifts for Seton Trail of Lights volunteers are currently full. If you would like to be added to the wait list, please register here for your desired date(s). We will only contact you if a shift opens up on the date you sign up for.
52 Positions Filled | 2 Impacts | 4 Hours

Location: 2280 Lou Neff Road, Austin, TX 78701

Shifts (15)

Fri, Dec 6thFri, Dec 06, 6:00PMFri, Dec 06, 10:00PM6/10Over
Sun, Dec 8thSun, Dec 08, 5:00PMSun, Dec 08, 10:00PM4/10Over
Mon, Dec 9thMon, Dec 09, 5:30PMMon, Dec 09, 10:00PM3/10Over
Tue, Dec 10thTue, Dec 10, 5:30PMTue, Dec 10, 10:00PM5/10Over
Wed, Dec 11thWed, Dec 11, 5:30PMWed, Dec 11, 10:00PM7/10Over
Thu, Dec 12thThu, Dec 12, 5:30PMThu, Dec 12, 10:00PM3/10Over
Fri, Dec 13thFri, Dec 13, 5:30PMFri, Dec 13, 10:00PM3/10Over
Sat, Dec 14thSat, Dec 14, 5:30PMSat, Dec 14, 10:00PM4/10Over
Sun, Dec 15thSun, Dec 15, 5:30PMSun, Dec 15, 10:00PM3/10Over
Mon, Dec 16thMon, Dec 16, 5:30PMMon, Dec 16, 10:00PM0/10Over
Tue, Dec 17thTue, Dec 17, 5:30PMTue, Dec 17, 10:00PM5/10Over
Wed, Dec 18thWed, Dec 18, 5:30PMWed, Dec 18, 10:00PM1/10Over
Thu, Dec 19thThu, Dec 19, 5:30PMThu, Dec 19, 10:00PM5/10Over
Fri, Dec 20thFri, Dec 20, 5:30PMFri, Dec 20, 10:00PM2/10Over
Sat, Dec 21stSat, Dec 21, 5:30PMSat, Dec 21, 10:00PM1/10Over


Angela Zacarolli wrote on December 2nd, 2013

Let's light up the world and tell of His coming!