2023 Into the Fields Sponsor Application: Part A

Monday, May 29th from 12:00am to Sunday, August 6th, 2023 12:00am (ET)
The application period has ended or been marked as full. If you attended, let the organizer know by recording your Impact!


Thank you for applying for a SAF sponsor through the Into the Fields Internship Program.

Student Action with Farmworkers (SAF) develops the leadership of college students from diverse backgrounds, giving them the opportunity to work directly with farmworkers in the Carolinas.  Each year, SAF trains approximately 25 students on farmworker issues, and places them to work full-time with migrant education programs, legal aid offices, rural health clinics, community-based organizations and farmworker unions. SAF increases the capacity of the organizations they work with by outreaching to 5,000 farmworkers & their families each summer.  Interns work for 10 weeks improving farmworkers' access to services and support.

**Different placements may work in person or virtually according to covid-19 conditions and response needed during the program. 

 SAF will preference sponsor applicants who meet the following criteria and program expectations (this is a partial list):

  • Prioritizes work with agricultural workers or migrant/out of school youth (SAF defines agricultural workers as individuals that work in field crops & food and animal processing)
  • Located in target states of NC or SC
  • Provides regular opportunities for interns to conduct outreach to agricultural workers (2.5 days/week minimum) 
  • Provides 35-40 hours of work each week per participant throughout the program (including 1 hour to complete SAF surveys and blog assignments)
  • Provides a direct supervisor to participants that meets with them once a week
  • Contributes toward the cost of SAF's work linking students with farmworkers
  • Demonstrates commitment to SAF's organizational values, office culture, & pro-equity/dismantling oppression values


November 18 Sponsor Application deadline 
Nov. 21-25th Sponsor Interviews
December 7 Sponsors notified of Selection/Waitlist/Decline
Winter/Spring Sponsor Trainings (dates tbd) 
April 5-7 Placement Notification Sent to Sponsors
May 29-June 2   Orientation with ITF Participants
June 5     First day of on-site work
July 7-8 Mid-Retreat 
Aug 3 Last day of on-site work
Aug 4-5 Final Retreat

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