2023 Life Time Tropical 5K

Saturday, January 28th, 2023 from 6:00am to 2:00pm


Life Time Tropical 5K serves as a sneak preview and warm-up for those running the Life Time Miami Marathon & Half. Friends and family not running the marathon or half marathon will also be able to share in the inspiring Miami Marathon weekend experience.

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Any time before each shift ends or when space runs out.
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13 and up
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Shifts (5)

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ShiftStart TimeEnd TimeAddressDescriptionRegistrants Needed
Finish Line Medals and Water6:00am (ET)10:00am (ET)
1 Ocean Drive
1 Ocean Dr
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
Volunteers will unwrap medals and mount them on stands to prepare for when the participants finish. As participants finish, volunteers will distribute medals to participants corresponding to which distance they completed. Finish Line volunteers will also prepare the water bins with ice and bottled water to hand to participants as...33/50Over
Food and Recovery6:00am (ET)10:00am (ET)
1 Ocean Drive
1 Ocean Dr
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
Volunteers will prepare finisher food (bananas, bagels, granola bars, etc.) by laying them out on tables under the tent as well as handing out food to participants as they finish. Volunteers at this station must ALWAYS wear gloves provided to ensure sanitary measures for both participants and volunteers. All Volunteers...17/30Over
Registration6:00am (ET)10:00am (ET)
1111 Parrot Jungle Trail
Miami, Florida 33132

Help setup the registration and awards area, assist Athlete Services during the event then help teardown the are following the event.

Water Station A6:00am (ET)10:00am (ET)
190 MacArthur Causeway
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
Volunteers will set up the water station using the manual provided and hand out fluids to participants as they pass. The water station is relatively intense with runners coming to grab the cups quickly. Volunteers will need stay alert and pay close attention to be sure of both their safety...40/40Over
Tear Down Crew10:00am (ET)2:00pm (ET)
1 Ocean Drive
1 Ocean Dr
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
Meet near the Finish Line