Summer 2023 Remote Internship & Externship Opportunities

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Our 2023 remote summer internship and externship opportunities are open to all currently enrolled as a rising sophomore, junior, or senior undergraduate students within North Carolina. As each internship experience is individually crafted, responsibilities and duties, as well as their schedule, who the intern reports to, etc., are all developed on an individual basis.
The internships the RRNC Team has in has in mind for summer 2023 thus far include, but are certainly not limited to:
  • Plastic Free July Social Media Internship
  • BikeShare Events and/or RRNC Events Internship
  • InJEANious Designs, NC Sewing Internship
  • RRNC Newsletter & PR Development Internship
Since all internship opportunities for 2023 are remote only, interns will primarily engage in an online format. However, if located within a 30-40 minute driving distance of campus and if they have their own means of transportation, interns are welcome to participate in person at RRNC events and gatherings, and overnight housing is available for a weekend stay if necessary.

  • Currently enrolled as a rising sophomore, junior, or senior undergraduate student within North Carolina.
Specific Skills:
  • RRNC interns enjoy solving challenging puzzles and flexing their imagination. Importantly, the intern will become comfortable with Dr. Mike’s tagline, “Always fail forward.” Interns should be at ease interacting with a wide range of people, including ages from youth to elderly and varying socioeconomic levels.
  • The successful intern will convey a sense of empathy and compassion, enthusiasm, self-reliance, creativity, grit, commitment to social justice, and a true desire to help others.
  • Interns must possess the ability to lift and carry up to 40 pounds, and stand for extended periods of time.

While RRNC does not offer paid remote internships, students are encouraged to seek resources on their college campus to supplement them with paid stipends, and the RRNC Team is always available to help in supporting students through this process.
While with RRNC, under the supervision and guidance of a professional mentor, interns will gain experience and expertise that will be directly applicable to their future career achievement. They will be enriching their future by gaining real world knowledge, as well as networking opportunities, solid recommendations, and access to a space that fosters creativity and ingenuity, while promoting social growth and change.
If this is an experience that intrigues you, please feel free to reach out to us at

** It is the policy of this organization to provide equal opportunities without regard to, ability; age; cultural identity; economic, marital, social, or veteran status; ethnicity; family educational history; gender identity & expression; nationality; political affiliation; race; religious affiliation; sex; sexual orientation; or any other basis included in organizational policies, codes & laws.**
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