First Saturday Plant Walk

(Cancelled) was Last date was Saturday, December 3rd, 2022 from 9:00am to 11:00am (CT)
This event has been cancelled.


Every First Saturday from 9am to 11am we walk among the plants and point out what is growing, what can be harvested, how to use the medicinal herbs and invite you to be part of the Food Forest family. It's a perfect time for people who have never visited to come and check it out, or for people who have come many times to take home a bag of medicinal herbs and plants to make tea with or add to their meals at home.

First Saturdays are a perfect time to connect with the earth, find relief and relaxation from the mechanical world and be taken in by the diverse kaleidoscope of our natural and social systems. We want you to find yourselves inside of something larger, feel the mind-blowing delight from discovering something new about the systems of our earth, and be humbled by the grace and interconnection of it all. An earthen mandala will be generated from your unique expression as it joins with the whole.


  • 9am - 9:15am welcome & sign-in 

  • 9:15am-11am Plant Education Walk

We will be managing all activities so that we honor the COVID-19 guidelines set forth by Austin Public Health. Face masks are optional at this time but please respect others' choices and allow for a diversity of thought and action. Be prepared to social distance as you participate in the event. 

Bring a basket or bag to harvest herbs and plants and a water bottle and other preparations that you might take if you were going on a very gentle trail walk in the hill country.

See you at the next First Saturday Plant Walk!

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