In-person: Independent Program

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Our volunteers play a vital role in the running of our center when they are here. After completing two online trainings and providing required documents, volunteers will come in for orientation. Once all of that is completed the volunteers can enter the classrooms. Volunteers will be responsible for teaching the children a “unit” on the respective topic for their age group. We will have infant/toddler placements, Preschool placements, and Pre-K placements. Each day will have different volunteers teaching different activities and tasks, meaning each day the children will be exposed to new activities/tasks, and each week they will repeat these activities/tasks and form habits and simultaneously form relationships with the volunteers in charge of the daily task/activity. For example, in our Step-up classroom (pre-K) the focus this semester will be learning how to play games and understanding the basics of games, like how to hold cards. If the Monday volunteer chooses to teach the children how to play "Go Fish" the children will work on the basics of that game each Monday. Once they master this game, the volunteer can plan accordingly and develop the skills further with that game or begin a new one (upon discussion with volunteer coordinator). Keeping the activities and tasks consistent with the day and the volunteers specific to that day provides stability for the children, the teachers, the volunteers, and the center as a whole.

Independent volunteers that come in the 12:30-2:30 time slot will likely not be interacting with children, therefore they will be doing things to assist the teachers in classroom prep, cutting things out, cleaning, organizing, and anything else that we may need assistance with around the center. Independent volunteers working in infant/toddler rooms will need a background check and may be required to pay for it depending on their required hours. Volunteers will also assist teachers in closing duties, like cleaning tasks (sweeping, mopping, sanitizing, etc.) The dress code required is going to be things appropriate to wear around children - ie. appropriate shirts and wearing shorts under skirts/dresses since we are up and down on the floor a lot with children. Absolutely NO cell phones, headphones, other electronics (unless medically necessary; see director or volunteer coordinator) or other personal items are allowed in the classrooms. Volunteers will have a space to keep their personal belongings before entering the classroom.

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Opens Jan 18, 2023 8:00am
Age Limit
All Ages
Background check, Other
Requirement Details

4 volunteers each day, every week, all semester 

Mondays - Fridays 9:30 - 12:30 or 12:30 - 2:30 (naptime)

Background checks are required at no cost to student if you volunteer with the infant/toddler rooms only

Covid-19 vaccination required

Contact Kellie Sparks ( with questions and to schedule day/room

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