Produce Bagging @ Stonewall Flanders Elementary School

(Cancelled) Last date was Tuesday, February 21st, 2023 from 10:00am to 2:00pm (CT)
This event has been cancelled.


Opportunity Description: 

During Produce Bagging/Boxing, Brighter Bites volunteers assist with the weekly unloading, sorting, and re-packing of fresh fruits and vegetables into Brighter Bites grocery bags for families to pick up and take home later that day.


Volunteer duties may include:

  • Setting up tables in assembly line format and ensuring work surfaces are clean.
  • Unloading and carrying cases of fruits and vegetables (weighing up to 50 pounds) from the delivery truck to the bagging area.
  • Sorting through produce to identify and discard spoiled items.
  • Placing fruits and vegetables into the Brighter Bites bags/boxes.
  • Breaking down boxes and cleaning tables and floors during and after the bagging process.
  • Adding recipe cards, tip sheets, and other nutrition education materials to Brighter Bites bags.
  • Delivering Brighter Bites bags/boxes to teachers in their classrooms.


Important Requirements:

  • Complete Harlandale ISD background check: Check Form-English.pdf 
  • Bring a government-issued photo ID. You MUST sign in at the front office to get a visitor pass and then proceed directly to the Brighter Bites location. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes that can get dirty and sturdy, closed-toe shoes.
  • Brighter Bites no longer requires that volunteers wear masks at this time; however, volunteers are encouraged to wear masks in small enclosed spaces. We will continue to monitor CDC, federal and local guidance, and school policies, and make updates to our policies as needed. 
    • If you sign up and then wake up on the day of the shift feeling unwell, please contact us to cancel. It is no problem at all.
  • If Bagging/Boxing occurs OUTDOORS. Bring your own sun/rain weather gear. 


Since Brighter Bites receives mostly donated produce, the fruits and vegetables may not always look perfect. However, looks can be deceiving. Most of the produce is edible and nutritious. Brighter Bites staff members are trained to decide which produce is truly unusable (rotten, moldy, etc.), and which produce may look unusual but is still acceptable for distribution. Volunteers should ask and follow instructions from the Brighter Bites staff member at the site if there are any questions.

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