SERVICE: Love for Our Elders {JANUARY} LETTER WRITING Campaign

Monday, January 30th, 2023 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm (ET)
This has ended. If you attended, let the organizer know by recording your Impact!


This is a JANUARY OPEN Letter writing campaign. 

To participate you must be able to write 8-9 meaningful letters to the number listed elders on the Love for Our Elders project site. 

Letters must be 3/4 notebook page, follow the given guidelines and must be substantive as well as entertaining. 

You will receive 1 community service hour per 2 letters.

This means there is a MAX of 4.5 hours. Please write all 9 letters.

Letters MUST be turned in to Mrs. Clayton in Room 223, or during our End of the Month Social on 10/27 in room 145 during lunch. Because letters need to be reviewed and addressed to the individuals listed, no letters can be accepted after 1/30.

Your letters will be read by our executive board and if approved, you will receive the credit for the hours. Please take your time and remember that there is a needy person who will look forward to reading your words to feel better.


We plan to flood these adults with Love from Turner Tech. 

Please review the letter request link here to get to know the adults you will be writing to:


A note from Sue’s daughter: My mom lives in Orlando, FL and is originally from Geneva, Illinois where she raised me. She and my Dad just celebrated their 60th Anniversary this year. In addition, to quilting, she like to reach books and just learned how to use WhatsApp, thank goodness. This allows her to talk to me and her granddaughters (one at Mizzou, the other in Thailand). She has been in and out of the hospital for various issues and I know some letters could give her a boost in spirit. 


A note from Barbara’s granddaughter: My grandma is an extraordinary woman who cares for everyone around her! These past couple years, she has fell into severe depression after the loss of my great grandmother and COVID. She lives alone with two Yorkshire Terriers (Anabelle and Bubby). She loved to spend her time at the Senior Community Center and run her ceramics studio. Now, in her free time, she loves to garden and pour ceramics from her garage. Aside from her hobbies, she devotes her time to making event invitations. She has always been there to support me and ensure I was able to fulfill my dreams. To give back, I feel it would be wonderful if she received letters knowing how extraordinary she is!

Anne Mae

A note from Anna Mae’s granddaughter: My mamaw, Anna Mae, spent most of her life married to my Papaw and taking care of her family. When my Papaw passed away (unexpectedly), it left her in sort of a tailspin. She'd never lived all alone before, so it was easy for her to feel lonely, abandoned, and overwhelmed even though her six children (and my sister and I, whom she essentially raised) make sure to check in on her often. She fills her days with crocheting (she's a whiz when it comes to reconstructing a pattern based only on the finished project), reading, and watching family-friendly tv/movies. She likes mysteries, new places, and hearing about cats and dogs (though she's not yet ready to get one of her own), and I know that receiving a mysterious influx of lovely notes and cards from strangers all over the place would absolutely thrill her.


A note from Maria’s granddaughter: My Oma, Maria, loves walking in the park, feeding the squirrels, and being in nature. She is an avid baker and cook — always preparing some delicious traditional German food for the family when we’re around! Her favourites are chocolate chip cookies, Linzer Torte, and fruit salad with ice cream. When she goes out to eat, it’s often for fish and chips or Greek food. Oma often has the TV on, watching Jeopardy, The Masked Singer, Wheel of Fortune, or the Kingston news. She loves letters and would be immensely grateful for any kind soul who reaches out.


A note from Dan’s daughter-in-law: Dan is an Air Force Veteran who so kind, fun and loving. He is a wonderful grandpa to my kids, and all of his other grandchildren.  His generosity is without measure. He grew up in Buffalo, NY and over the years he has given a lot to his community and church family. Unfortunately, Dan suffers from chronic pain from an injury he sustained in the service.  This makes it challenging for him to leave his home and to travel to see family. His visits to the VA are frequent, but to him each visit is an opportunity to make a nurse laugh or uplift a fellow veteran.  Sending letters to Dan would bring enormous light into his heart and his home. 


A note from Betty’s daughter-in-law: Betty loved reading, sewing, and quilting until her eyes started giving out, although now she reads with glasses and a flashlight, but can't quilt anymore. She lost her husband Bill of 75 years in May, and she lives alone with some part time caregiver support. She and her husband were missionaries in the Philippines for years, and she still is active in her church. Gardening was her passion, but with a walker, that too is a little out of her reach, though she still has a gorgeous backyard with a fountain, pond, and turtles. She lost a son four years ago, but her other son (my husband John) and I live close by and visit every day with our dog Buckley. She’d love some more connection– please reach out.

Bob & Esther*

A note from Bob and Esther’s neighbor: Bob and Esther are 89 and 90 years old and have been married for 69 years. They have worked every year together hand and hand to grow their own vegetables, fruit, raise chickens and rabbits to provide their every meal. Over past 2 years Esther has had Alzheimer's and now in early stages of dementia. They gave up their garden  last year and now have only 6 chickens left to care for. Bob cares for Esther and does all of the cooking and housework. They used to have rows and rows of flowers. Esther would cut and send me home with baskets of them to bring to work to brighten up my team. They could use some encouraging words and to know there are people out there who care and respect the life they have lived and given to so many from their gardens and given joy with their flowers.

*You can write two letters (one to Bob and one to Esther), or one letter to both!

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